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Efes Logo
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Efes is the most popular and beloved beer brand in Turkey. For the first time, beer was produced in 1969 by Izzet Özilkhan and Camille Yazichi after the founding of the first private brewery in Turkey. This is the only real Turkish beer that represents the country all over the world. The Andalou Group currently manages the brand.

Meaning and History

Efes emblem

The Efes logo has a classic beer brand logo design, starting with the color scheme (blue, gold, and white) and ending with the ears of barley on the emblem.

Thick white letters on a blue background in a gold frame are present on the emblem – thick white letters on a blue background in a gold frame. The shape of the framework looks modern oval with two peaks emerging from it.

The Efes logo is designed to show a dynamic and authentic brand identity and its value for the quality and taste of the product.

Interbrand Design Office is responsible for the latest version of the Efes logo. They did a good job creating a new dynamic brand look, which is now very successful in Turkey and 80 territories around the world.

Efes symbol