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The logo of Efes, the only true Turkish beer, is distinguished by the classic style. Thick white font on a rich blue background in a golden frame of an oval sign symbolizes the richness of taste and the constancy of the quality of a product known worldwide.

Efes: Brand overview

Founded: 1966
Founder: Izzet Özilkhan, Camille Yazichi
Istanbul, Turkey
Website: anadoluefes.com
Efes is the most popular and beloved beer brand in Turkey. For the first time, beer was produced in 1969 by Izzet Özilkhan and Camille Yazichi after the founding of the first private brewery in Turkey. This is the only real Turkish beer that represents the country all over the world. The Andalou Group currently manages the brand.

Meaning and History

Efes Logo History

The Efes logo has a classic beer brand logo design, starting with the color scheme (blue, gold, and white) and ending with the ears of barley on the emblem.

Thick white letters on a blue background in a gold frame are present on the emblem – thick white letters on a blue background in a gold frame. The shape of the framework looks modern oval with two peaks emerging from it.

The Efes logo is designed to show a dynamic and authentic brand identity and its value for the quality and taste of the product.

Interbrand Design Office is responsible for the latest version of the Efes logo. They did a good job creating a new dynamic brand look, which is now very successful in Turkey and 80 territories around the world.

What is Efes?

Efes is the flagship brand of the Turkish company Anadolu Efes Biracılık ve Malt Sanayii. Its product range includes beers of various types: the flagship Pilsener with a refreshing bitterness, coffee-chocolate lager Dark Brown, aromatic and soft Ice, strong Xtra, low-alcohol Light, and caramel-accented Dark. They are made using natural ingredients and are widely demanded in bars and restaurants.

1969 – 1985

Efes Logo 1969

One of the old Efes logos contained the phrase “BIRA VE MALT FABRIKALARI ISTANBUL-ANKARA-IZMIR-ADANA- LÜLEBURGAZ-AFYON-ÇUMRA.” It was written in small but capital letters in white along the bottom of a large dark blue oval. A little higher was the brown word “BIRA” in quotation marks, and above it was the white “Pilsen” accentuated by an elegant wavy stripe and made up of stylized letters with swirling ridges. On top was a small brown oval, which served as the basis for the dark blue word “Efes.” A bold geometric font with large serifs was used for the brand name.

1985 – 1995

Efes Logo 1985

In the 1980s, the look of the logo changed. Designers have transformed the original color scheme, making the shades slightly lighter. The ovals have turned into rectangles with rounded edges. The long line at the bottom has disappeared because the secondary information about the alcoholic drink has been moved to another part of the label. Only the most important inscriptions remained: “Efes,” “Pilsen,” and “BIRA.” The brand name and its brown base now have unusually thin outlines in dark blue. But the word “Pilsen,” on the contrary, was simplified. The designers shortened the decorative ridges and swirls of some letters but used a custom serif typeface to maintain a hint of the old style.

Floral ornaments were added to the right and left, which testified to the natural composition of the drink. They were depicted without details – only with the help of contours. The large dark blue base now has a wide brown frame. And the background for the emblem was a rectangle streaked with many horizontal lines of white and brown.

1995 – 1996

Efes Logo 1995

To show the high quality of alcohol, the designers added four awards to the Efes logo – two on each side. They looked like brown circles with dark blue inscriptions and drawings. The medals testified that the brand participated in various competitions and won prizes, so its products are trustworthy. Such a marketing ploy was supposed to increase sales.

1996 – 2002

Efes Logo 1996

In mid-1996, the designers redesigned the Efes label. The two rounded rectangles have been merged into one large dark blue shape with a thin red outline and a wide brown stroke. The brand name was changed to upper case and became white. At the same time, he and the word “Pilsen” appeared in thin brown shadows on the right side of each letter. The serifs that have been used over the past decades have disappeared from BIRA. The medals have been moved a little higher and decorated with leaves. The floral pattern has also changed: the artists lengthened the spikelets, so they curved beautifully at the top. The horizontal background lines were turned into vertical ones, and bright inscriptions were added under the emblem.

2002 – 2009

Efes Logo 2002

After the redesign, the word “BIRA” was removed. This made it possible to move the inscription “Pilsen” down and increase the brand name. Moreover, the first letter “E” and the last “S” became disproportionately large – much larger than the “FE” located between them. The right-hand brown outline has disappeared. Each glyph now has 3D dark blue shadows. In the word “EFES,” they were shifted to the left and seemed voluminous due to the additional golden outlines.

The blue base acquired a linear gradient that started from the center in the form of a vertical light blue column. The red outline was partially “eaten” by a white strip along the logo. The outer brown bezel became uneven: it was too narrow around the edges and wide at the top and bottom. The composition of floral ornaments with medals has also changed. The artists reduced four medals, shortened the spikelets, and redrawn the hop cones.

2009 – 2013

Efes Logo 2009

The white words “EFES” and “Pilsen” have been moved to a horizontal oval with a blue gradient. In this version, the transition of shades was diagonal but also started approximately from the center. The frame turned into two gold ribbons that were mirrored. They curled at the ends and seemed voluminous due to the uneven gradient. Round awards disappeared, and only two minimalistic spikelets remained from the floral ornament – above and below.

2013 – today

Efes Logo

In 2013, the designers changed the proportions of the inscriptions to make the brand name more noticeable. The golden frame has shifted, and now its parts are located diagonally. Ribbons turned into graceful arcs with pointed edges. The lower spike disappeared, while the upper one was enlarged and moved to the left. The background depicts a “whirlpool” of light blue spirals with a gradient surrounded by dark blue space. It is a symbol of purity, freshness, and progress. And also, such a pattern is associated with a fallen drop, from which circles diverge in all directions.

Font and Colors

Efes emblem

The Efes logo uses two opposing typefaces. The trademark name is written in bold sans serifs with large triangular serifs and beveled cuts at the ends. And the word “Pilsen” is typed in a cursive script stylized as calligraphic handwriting, with all the letters separated despite the very narrow spacing between them. The elegant cursive is embellished with twists and curls, especially pronounced in the capital “P.” Although the two fonts are very different, they share a visual dynamic.

Efes symbol

The color scheme of the emblem also creates a movement effect because the designers used several shades of blue to depict the “whirlpool.” The illuminated center with a gradient inspires hope and confidence. Against this background, white inscriptions highlighted with shadows are perfectly visible. And the iridescent golden frame with an ear resembles the color of a fresh Pilsner. It is complemented by thin red lines that dilute the palette.

Efes color codes

Blue Hex color: #004a8c
RGB: 167 30 49
CMYK: 5 100 71 22
Pantone: PMS 2945 C