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Refinement and strength are what the Egger logo shows. It symbolizes the company’s reliability as a business partner and the excellent quality of its products. The concept of the wood finishes manufacturer is well reflected in the logo with its wide stripes and curved shapes. The color palette speaks of active work and striving for leadership.

Egger: Brand overview

Tirol, Austria

Egger is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of wood products for decoration and building work. The company is the leader in the presented segment and includes more than 15 production sites. The main office is based in Austria (Tyrol), and branches are located in many European countries and the United States of America. They supply window sills, coverings, interior accessories, floors, and floor structures to the market.

The brand logo is an excellent combination of modern font and stylish graphic content. It looks quite simple but, at the same time, captivates the eye with the original execution of the elements. This is the company’s name, complemented by a massive expressive strip and a stylized letter E. The finishing touch is a bright contrast palette, symbolizing courage and a progressive approach.

Meaning and History

Egger Logo History

Egger is a family company that has been built over several generations and has become a true embodiment of solidarity. From a small company manufacturing wood-based products, Egger has grown into a large company with production facilities in Austria, America, Turkey, Germany, Great Britain, France, Romania, and Poland. The quality of its products has been appreciated by hundreds of global enterprises operating in the field of architecture and construction.

Outstanding achievements and success are reflected by the bright company logo, which has not changed since the brand was founded. He demonstrates determination, steadfastness, desire for development, and strength. The immutability of the components can also be interpreted as a symbol of stability. Egger works hard to deliver the highest quality products and maintain the reputation it has built over the years. These characteristics are manifested in well-chosen colors and a successful combination of elements.

What is Egger?

Egger is one of the largest European companies engaged in the production of wood-based products. The headquarters of the company is located in Austria. But, the organizational structure also includes production sites in other countries. The brand manufactures products for the interior design, furniture, and construction industries and various finishes. The state employs more than 10 thousand employees.

The history of Egger began with a small company founded in 1961. Hard work, high-quality materials, and smart business strategy further contributed to its rapid development. Within a few years, the company could reach a new level and expand the scope of activities far beyond the borders of Austria. The company’s products could be identified by a characteristic corporate identity.

It was based on a harmonious logo that has not lost its relevance to this day. Its concept provides several original features:

  • bright accent in the form of a dense, thick strip;
  • non-standard font with smooth cuts at the top;
  • duplication of the first letter of the name in a different font.

Despite the presence of several components, the emblem is made in a minimalist style. All elements complement each other perfectly and create a picture with a powerful message. Massive font demonstrates confidence, durability, reliability, and comfort. The contrasting palette symbolizes progressiveness and readiness to introduce new technologies.

The semantic load also has a long strip located above the company name. It has the shape of an elongated rectangle, which resembles the brand’s product – a laminate panel. Together with the Egger inscription, it creates a seamless reflection of the essence of the supplier. An additional emphasis on the status is the duplication of the letter E. It is located in front of the name and is designed in the original format.

Font and Colors

Egger Symbol

The visual identity of the Egger brand has not changed since its inception. The emblem has an inscription complemented by an elongated rectangle and a stylized letter E. The name is made in capital letters in an unusual style. The font features rounded top corners, a distinct bottom outline, and no serifs. This rather futuristic format has not lost its relevance to this day.

Massive lines show strength and confidence, while smooth angles symbolize trust. The letter E also has no serifs, and the font is similar to the Linotype Killer Regular style. It features straight cuts and strict lines. The chosen format gives vigor and overall makes the logo dynamic. The logo’s color consists of 3 traditional colors: white, red, and black.

The first refers to a neutral palette that balances the elements and demonstrates honesty. Red is the color of passion, strength, and desire for change. Black is a reflection of prestige, authority, and solid status. In the presented emblem, all of them are in harmony and reflect the brand’s main values.

Egger color codes

RuddyHex color:#f70129
RGB:247 1 41
CMYK:0 100 83 3
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Smoky BlackkHex color:#131311
RGB:19 19 17
CMYK:0 0 11 93
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C