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The Electrolux logo symbolizes the quality and constancy of excellence, a well-known global electrical equipment manufacturer. The graphical representation of the company is concise and readable, demonstrating the desire to apply the achievements of modern technologies.

Electrolux: Brand overview

Founded: 1919
Founder: Axel Wenner-Gren
Stockholm, Sweden
Website: electroluxgroup.com
Electrolux is a trademark of the largest manufacturer of household appliances. It appeared in 1919 in the city of Stockholm (Sweden). It is the result of the merger of two specialized companies – Lux AB and Svenska Elektron AB.

Meaning and History

Electrolux Logo History

In the first half of the brand’s existence, its logos resembled a handwritten name. The font was italic. But graphic symbols appeared many years later – in 1962. All subsequent options were built on it with minor changes.

What is Electrolux?

Electrolux is a manufacturer of dishwashers, electric stoves, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and other household appliances. In addition, it produces kitchen equipment for hotels, cafes, and restaurants. The company has been in existence since 1919 and is based in Sweden. It owns several popular brands, including Zanussi and Frigidaire. Its products are known for their stylish design and progressive features.

1919 – 1920

Electrolux Logo 1919-1920

The very first emblem of an electrical engineering company was handwritten lettering. The text was coherent; it was made in one stroke, without breaking the line – each letter was closely connected to both the previous and the next. Even though this is a handwritten font, there were no italics in it: all the characters were straight, without slant. In general, they were individual, threadlike. The background of the name was the usual white color.

1920 – 1922

Electrolux Logo 1920-1922

After the reorganization, the company undertook a redesign. It transitioned from handwritten text to printed text because the emblem was still only one inscription – the word “Electrolux.” It was typed in bold geometric sans serif characters. The symbols were in upper case, went exactly in one row, and were placed in a horizontal red rectangle.

1922 – 1924

Electrolux Logo 1922-1924

In 1922, a return to the old logo design took place. The title was again written in handwritten script, but now italic – tilted to the right. Moreover, the letters were decorated with ornate elements – curved and elongated lines. For example, they appeared at “E”, “t”, “x”. This addition made the emblem unusually delicate and light. The inscription used lowercase letters and one uppercase (the first, according to grammar). The word was colored yellow, the background blue.

1924 – 1926

Electrolux Logo 1924-1926

This year the emblem received a graphic element for the first time. It was a circle with three even stripes. It bore the name of the electrical engineering company, converted to upper case. The letters were thin, grotesque. The ring covered only a part of them, and the rest were placed to the left (“ele”) and the right of it (“lux”). It so happened that the counting of the circle’s diameter began at “c” and ended at “o.” The inscription was slightly raised at the edges, so it resembled a semi-arch in shape.

1926 – 1928

Electrolux Logo 1926-1928

Again, an attempt was made to switch to the italic text, but not with a handwritten one, but with a printed inscription. The word “Electrolux” first became bold and received the classic serifs. The 1920s red elongated rectangle was returned as the background.

1928 – 1934

Electrolux Logo 1928-1934

In 1960, the designers proposed a new vision for the logo. They added a globe pattern with a thin black line at the edge, followed by a wide white one. In the center, there was an arch covering the word “Electro.” After the transfer from the top line, below was the second part of the name, made with a lowercase letter – “lux.” A semicircle served as its background, from which sharp rays radiated in different directions. The “E” was so wide that it spanned two rows at once. The upper part of the icon contained a map of the planet, drawn by parallels and meridians, and the lower one was black.

1934 – 1939

Electrolux Logo 1934-1939

In 1934, the designers used full-fledged graphics – a stylized image of the prospective buyer, who carried a vacuum cleaner of this brand in his hands. The figure was drawn sideways, showing that the person was walking to the right. It bore the name “Electrolux” in italics, in the style of the debut logo, but with a more legible inscription. All elements were silvery, contoured, and outlined with a thin stripe forming a blue circle.

1939 – 1941

Electrolux Logo 1939-1941

The developers have removed from the buyer’s logo and extended the circle frames, forming a rectangle with a convex top and bottom. Inside it, the name of the enterprise was read, typed in printed characters with serifs. The letters and frame were white and the background blue.

1941 – 1947

Electrolux Logo 1941-1947

The attempt to stylize the logo resulted in handwriting with a mirror effect. The latter is because, unlike the previous emblem, the colors of the background and the inscription have changed places: the letters have become blue, the background – light. Although the opposite option also appeared. Moreover, the designers chose the font used in 1922 for the brand name. But they nevertheless cut off the openwork lines to get a practical version of the logo.

1947 – 1954

Electrolux Logo 1947-1954

In 1947, experiments with handwritten identity began. At first, the designers focused on the calligraphic corporate italics – with clearly emphasized letters. Almost all the symbols were not connected and stood apart from one another. The only exceptions were the syllables “lec” and “lux,” which had an inter-letter ligament. The “t” and “l” had pointed tops.

1954 – 1957

Electrolux Logo 1954-1957

The handwriting received rounding: each letter became streamlined, with an equally curved connection at the bottom, resembling a calligraphic script. Although the signs were handwritten, they stood upright. Moreover, the developers made a branded “E”: in the text, they used a capital letter instead of a lowercase letter.

1957 – 1962

Electrolux Logo 1957-1962

The creators of the emblem straightened the inter-letter bunch, so it was like a single line on which the written characters were located. In addition, they returned italics to the logo by placing red lettering in a yellow horizontal elongated oval.

1962 – 1990

Electrolux Logo 1962-1990

This emblem is based on a combination of graphics and lettering. It was then that the company got a brand name that vaguely resembles a sideways triangle with open corners. Its two sides are lunate; one is straight. The dark figure is located in a white circle, which is placed in a black square. Below it is the name of the electrical engineering company, written in thin print.

1990 – 2015

Electrolux Logo 1990-2015

The home appliance manufacturer got a new trademark that year. The designers took the previous version as a basis, swapping the elements and rescaling them differently. Since then, the geometric shape has become smaller and has taken place in front of the word “Electrolux.” The font was enlarged, and serifs were added.

2015 – today

Electrolux Logo 2015-present

After a redesign in 2015, the company began to use a more modern logo: concise, simple, and easy to read. Specialists from Prophet’s London office handled it. They removed the “Thinking of you” slogan and changed the color.

Font and Colors

Electrolux Emblem

Electrolux has had many emblems in its history. At first, they consisted exclusively of text. A graphic icon was then added, but it did not last long, as the company decided to emphasize the simplicity and availability of its products to customers. To this end, she chose a logo with a name. It is located on one line and is in individual block letters. “E” is rounded at the bottom left, while “t” has a third of the lower leg and half of the upper segment cut off. On the left is a miniature icon – the manufacturer’s technical symbol.

Electrolux Symbol

The trademark’s corporate identity is clear geometry, which is present in all versions of the logo – the changes concerned mainly the verbal part. The word was first written in the Pantone Combination System font, and then it was replaced by the custom Electrolux Sans. Branding now comes in three flavors: regular, light, and bold. The predominant colors are white and black (in the beginning) and white and blue (now).

Electrolux color codes

Dark Blue Hex color: #041e41
RGB: 4 30 65
CMYK: 94 54 0 75
Pantone: PMS 2768 C