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The Elseve logo seems to be made of strong and resilient hairs. All rods are of the same thickness and obediently fit. The sign promises customers the ideal condition and health of the hair and encourages them to buy the product and start using it sooner.

Elseve: Brand overview

Elseve is one of the L’Oreal company lines, which has existed since 1909 and is a leading representative of the global fashion market. The headquarters of the firm is located in Clichy (France). The founder of the brand is Eugene Paul Louis Schueller.

Meaning and History

Elseve Symbol

The logo is completely textual and consists of one word – “Elseve.” The name of the series was chosen on purpose because the parent company manufactures a range of products. And to group it, it gives a separate name to all the lines. This represents the category of hair and scalp care products. Since its inception, it has only had one logo.

There is no graphic art in the logo – only text. Therefore, from the drawn elements’ point of view, only the diacritical mark of the letter “e” can be noted. It is depicted as an inverted comma, with one side thickened and the other pointed.

What is Elseve?

Elseve is a brand owned by the French company L’Oreal, which is considered one of the leaders in the beauty industry. This line represents modern hair and scalp care products – shampoos based on progressive formulas that address problems like hair loss, dryness, split ends, and brittle strands. Its headquarters is located in the city of Clichy.

Font and Colors

Elseve Emblem

The letters don’t have the usual corners. Thanks to this design technique, each symbol is perceived as a strand of hair: now straight, now twisted, now with a half-curl. This is done on purpose to emphasize the purpose of the line. The emblem color is monochrome and consists of a combination of black (lettering) and white (background).

Elseve color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C