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The Enterprise Rent-A-Car logo shows the convenience of ordering, renting, and buying cars from an American transport company. It conveys forward motion, energy, and the ability to escape problems. The flatness and smoothness of the glyphs symbolize the straightforwardness of the company and its desire to help customers by all available means.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Brand overview

Founded: 1957
Founder: Jack C. Taylor
Clayton, Missouri, United States
Website: enterprise.com
Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an American company that offers various transportation solutions. It is engaged in car sharing, commercial fleet management, rental of trucks and cars, as well as its sale. To do this, the company has more than 8,000 offices worldwide. The year of its foundation is 1957. The location of the headquarters is the city of Clayton, Missouri. Founder – Jack C. Taylor. The current owner is Enterprise Holdings.

Meaning and History

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Logo History

It all started with the return of pilot Jack Taylor to his hometown of St. Louis after a lengthy military service in the South Pacific. The WWII veteran was devoted to his family and locality, so he decided to master an innovative business that no one had previously practiced. This is how the family company Executive Leasing Company appeared, offering a car rental service. Initially, the fleet consisted of only seven cars.

Things were going uphill, so the entrepreneur significantly expanded his business services a few years later. He later rebranded and renamed the company Enterprise Rent-A-Car. This happened in 1996. He named it after the aircraft carrier he served on during The Second World War and added a line of business. Having gone beyond the boundaries of one city, the organization began to work not only in other places of the country but also in different parts of the world. As a result, subsidiaries appeared, and more than 8,000 offices were opened. In parallel with the company’s development, its visual identity has also evolved. In general, now she has seven full-fledged logos.

What is Enterprise Rent-A-Car?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an American car and truck rental service. She is also engaged in its sale and carsharing. The company is part of the Enterprise Holdings network, being its leading brand, and has about 8,000 offices in almost all countries worldwide. The year of its inception is 1957. The founder is Jack C. Taylor. The headquarters is located in Clayton, Missouri.

1957 – the 1960s

Executive Leasing Company Logo 1957

The debut emblem is an oval in a wide red frame, close to the coral color. Its entire area is occupied by information messages that indicate what services the company provides. It says “Automobile Leasing” at the top and “All Makes and Models” at the bottom. Both phrases are typed in small print with lowercase letters. Glyph spacing is wide, and the glyphs themselves are smooth and sans-serif. In the center of the ellipse is the debut name of the organization, ungrouped into two rows. The first word is “Executive.” It is cursive, handwritten, and connected. The second is the phrase “Leasing Company.” This part, on the contrary, is printed and not oblique.

the 1960s – 1969

Executive Leasing Company Logo 1960s

The next logo was a breakthrough for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. First, it turned into the original icon. Secondly, I was imbued with the conceptual reflection of the company’s occupation. How is it shown? In a highway that curves into the shape of a lowercase “e.” The loop forms the middle of the letter, and its right and left sides end at the border of the olive square that serves as its background. Separately, at the bottom is the company’s name – “Executive Leasing.” The text is typed in the subtle grotesque. All characters are in the upper case and are colored black.

1969 – 1971

Enterprise Leasing Logo 1969

After renaming the company Enterprise, the owner changed the logo. But the redesign was not full-blown. The undertaken modernization touched only the color of the background square (it became green instead of olive) and the regrouping of the name of the car rental service. The text has been moved all the way to the right and is on one line. Although the letters are kept in capital letters, they have become vertically elongated, that is, narrower than before.

1971 – 1995

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Logo 1971

The management then added the phrase “Rent-A-Car” to the existing name, indicating the exact scope of the company. The logo is black and white. The text remained in the same place but took up two lines, as it increased significantly due to the addition. The font has completely changed: the inscription in the top row has become bold and large, in the bottom – bold and a third shorter than the first. They are left aligned.

1995 – 2007

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Logo 1995

Despite the saved concept, the emblem has changed a lot. First of all, she had an exact shape – a horizontal rectangle, delimited inside into several sectors. On the right is a branded icon, which the designers again painted in green. Against a black background, a white inscription “Enterprise” appeared. It starts with a capital “E,” while all other letters are lowercase. Below is the second part of the name – “Rent-A-Car.” It is short, made in small characters, and aligned on the right side. In this part, the background is white, and the text, on the contrary, is black. Below the logo is the company’s slogan: “Pick Enterprise. We’ll pick you up.”

2007 – today

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Logo

After a 2007 redesign, the “e” of the motorway in the icon looked like a real letter from the alphabet. To do this, the developers shortened the right lane and slightly sharpened the loop. They also made the first glyph part of the name, so it starts the word “enterprise” in full lowercase. The second line is gone, as is the white rectangle it was on: only the black one remains.

Font and Colors

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Symbol

The visual identity of Enterprise Rent-A-Car is built on two concepts: valuable memories (Enterprise was the name of the aircraft carrier on which the founder of the company once served) and type of activity (vehicle rental). Over the years of evolution, they have acquired different forms. But the personal sign has always remained the same, except for minor adjustments: it still resembles a looped autobahn with a central marking.

Since the beginning of the logo, several types of fonts have been used in it, but they have always remained grotesque – even smooth, sans serifs. This approach emphasizes the absence of obstacles on the way to the services of this service. Among the identical typefaces are Montserrat Semi Bold, Core Sans NR SC 77 Cn ExtraBold, Work Sans Medium, and Syncopate Bold with minor changes. In the early versions of the logo, analogs of Brother 1816 Bold and Savigny Medium Ext are used, in which small strokes are slightly changed. The corporate palette is more stable: it combines two shades of black, white, and green. The debut logo also featured coral red.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car color codes

Raisin Black Hex color: #231f20
RGB: 35 31 32
CMYK: 0 11 9 86
Pantone: PMS Neutral Black C
Spanish Green Hex color: #029750
RGB: 2 151 80
CMYK: 99 0 47 41
Pantone: PMS 3405 C