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The Equus logo often leaves people with the mistaken belief that it features a bird. In reality, the central figure is a stylized Pegasus, aligning with the brand’s name, Latin for horses. The figure defies easy recognition due to its abstract form. Various shades of grey, silver, and white give the drawing a voluminous appearance as if shaped from metal. The Pegasus figure is enclosed within a black trapezoid, framed by a shiny border.

Examining the Pegasus figure, the use of abstraction piques interest. The mythical winged horse, usually well-defined in popular imagery, transforms here. This choice of abstraction resonates with notions of mystique and luxury, two elements that are often sought after in high-end vehicles. The design leans heavily into nuance, making it an interactive experience that beckons you to look closer and ponder its complexities.

The selection of color shades creates a tangible sense of depth and materiality. Grey is commonly linked with sophistication and reliability, qualities desirable in a luxury automobile. Silver and white add to this by introducing a sense of purity and innovation. The design wants to say that this brand is not merely about transport but about elevating the travel experience to an art form.

Equus made a deliberate choice in encapsulating the Pegasus within a black trapezoid. This shape starkly contrasts the intricate figure inside, serving as a grounding element in the design. It’s as if the mythical is captured and framed by the real, a symbolic nod to the company’s aspiration to make the fantastical attainable.

The shiny border around the emblem encapsulates all these elements neatly while simultaneously adding a touch of elegance. Borders often act as limits, yet this one does the opposite: it creates a sense of expansive luxury. It’s glossy, with qualities that subtly hint at affluence.

The logo encapsulates what the brand aspires to be: a fusion of reliability, luxury, and a sprinkle of the mythical. Its abstraction engages the viewer; its colors convey brand values, and its shapes balance between the mythical and the real. The resulting image isn’t just a logo; it’s a story about a brand that aims to transcend the ordinary and make driving an extraordinary experience.

Equus: Brand overview

Founded: 2008
Founder: Bassam Abdallah
Bloomfield Hills, MI, U.S.
Website: equus-automotive.com
2009, Bassam Abdallah launched Equus to create a brand of upscale automobiles distinguished by meticulous workmanship and superior performance. With its operations rooted in the United States, Equus rapidly built its reputation through an unwavering commitment to quality and engineering prowess.

The company rolled out its inaugural model, the Invictus, two years after its inception. This was no ordinary sedan; it was an amalgamation of luxury and sheer power, all thanks to its V8 engine. As time passed, Equus diversified its portfolio, introducing the Imperator, a high-end SUV, and the Magnus, a uniquely luxurious coupe.

Earning global acclaim, Equus secured its place in the automotive world as a creator of bespoke, high-speed luxury automobiles. With a focus on handcrafted design and state-of-the-art technology, the brand captured the imaginations and wallets of an elite clientele worldwide.

Equus has recently ventured into electric propulsion and self-driving technology in tune with evolving market dynamics. However, its core mission has remained unchanged: to offer tailor-made vehicles that promise an unparalleled driving adventure.

Today, Equus enjoys international recognition as a leading name in the luxury car segment, celebrated for its blend of opulence, mechanical excellence, and exclusivity. Its range of sophisticated sedans, SUVs, and coupes continues to captivate and impress in an increasingly competitive high-end automotive landscape.

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