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Ericdress: Brand overview

Originating in China in 2012, Ericdress entered the e-commerce sphere with the promise of offering chic women’s clothing at no extra cost. By creating a digital store that featured dresses, shoes, and other closet items, the company utilized China’s manufacturing capabilities to bring affordable trends to the masses.

Over time, Ericdress expanded its horizons. No longer a haven for women’s fashion, the brand began producing plus-size clothing, men’s collections, children’s clothing, and even home décor items. The company’s logistical evolution reflected this growth, strengthening a distribution channel capable of delivering fashion statements around the world without the high price tag.

Aiming for a truly international presence, Ericdress rolled out its platform in multiple languages, partnering with global payment and delivery giants to simplify the shopping experience. To bring its products closer to consumers, the company has set up warehouses in central China, bustling Hong Kong, and the vast expanse of Russia to simplify the order fulfillment and returns process.

As technology has evolved, so has Ericdress’ online interface. They have equipped their platform with intuitive search mechanisms and personalization features to ensure that customers always find what they are looking for. Following the principle of fast fashion, the brand is constantly updating its product range to reflect global fashion trends.

The Ericdress website currently features over 10,000 fashion items, catering to style enthusiasts in over 200 countries around the world. Unwavering in its mission, the brand epitomizes affordable luxury by crafting its offerings in the heart of China’s manufacturing zones.

Meaning and History

Ericdress Logo History

What is Ericdress?

Ericdress, founded in 2012, is a Chinese online store offering a wide range of stylish and affordable women’s clothing and accessories, catering to the needs of fashionistas around the world. A beacon for those who are fashion savvy, offers an eclectic range of clothing and accessories to suit any individual style. The range includes the trendiest dresses, stylish tops, fashionable shoes, and essential accessories.

2012 – 2013

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2013 – 2018

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2018 – today

Ericdress Logo

The Ericdress logo is written as one word but visually divided into two parts. The word “Eric” is typed in a super bold font with semi-circular ends, while “dress” is typed in thin letters with barely noticeable extensions. The style of the glyphs is strikingly different, making them very noticeable. There are no other design elements in the emblem, as it is textual. The letters are in upper case and colored black, which gives them a formal feel. The distance between the letters is small.

It is as if two different worlds have come together in this design, each telling its own little story. The word “Eric” screams confidence with its bold letters, while “dress” seems more delicate and classy due to the subtle design. The black color gives it a professional touch. It’s a great way to say, “Hey, we strive for diversity and style, but still remain classy.”

Ericdress color codes

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CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C