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The bright, beautiful, well-groomed nails are visible behind the elements of the emblem. Each of the five fingers will look just as neat and stylish after using the company’s products as the five letters of the Essie logo.

Essie: Brand overview

Founder:Essie Weingarten
United States
Essie is a manicure brand known worldwide as the best manufacturer of nail polishes, skin care products, and nail art accessories. It was founded in 1981 and has maintained its uniqueness to this day. Its creator is Essie Weingarten, after whom the brand is named.

Meaning and History

Essie Logo History

The Essie logo is very concise. It contains only the name, reflecting the professional style of the brand and its high status. Moreover, the emblem appeared simultaneously with the manufacturer – in 1981. It still marks the company’s products, allowing a clear view of the contents of small glass bottles behind its minimalist design.

What is Essie?

Essie is an American cosmetic brand founded in 1981 by Essie Weingarten and has been owned by L’Oreal since 2010. Its specialization is nail polishes and everything related to the nail art industry. The brand’s products are known for their diverse colors and rich shades.

Font and Colors

Essie Emblem

The cosmetic company’s personal mark is textual. It consists of the single word “Essie” with wide spacing between letters. All characters are in lowercase.

Essie Symbol

For the logo, the designers chose a classic sans-serif font called ITC Avant-Garde. They replaced the square dot over the letter “i” with a round one and manually increased the space between the letters, stretching them out. The primary color of the emblem is red, and the background color is white. Thanks to this contrast, the inscription stands out clearly both on the label and on the tag.

Essie color codes

Electric RedHex color:#f00004
RGB:240 0 4
CMYK:0 100 98 6
Pantone:PMS 172 C