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Visualization of Eucerin, whose logo is characterized by simplicity and minimalist design, reminiscent of a pharmaceutical inscription. The color palette symbolizes confidence, durability, and reliability, while the geometry adds dynamism.

Eucerin: Brand overview

Founder:Beiersdorf AG
Eucerin is a cosmetic brand for facial and body care products. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany, and specializes in the production of cleansing and protective agents. It has been in existence since 1902. Oscar Troplowitz and Isaac Lifschütz founded the company. It is part of the Beiersdorf AG corporate structure.

Meaning and History

Eucerin Logo History

The logo designers focused on visual simplicity. For this, they used the brand name, depicting it in a font vaguely reminiscent of a pharmaceutical inscription. All symbols are minimalist, austere, and without serifs. The dot above the letter “i” is square, the same width as the rest of the letter. The initial letter “E,” as required by the rules of spelling, is uppercase, and the rest of the symbols are lowercase.

The color palette conveys confidence, durability, and reliability. Depending on the version of the emblem, it contains a combination of dark gray, black, or blue color with maroon, which is drawn in a triangle under the word “Eucerin.” The top part of the geometric figure covers the entire name and wonderfully diversifies the monochrome. In one of the versions, it slightly shades the edges.

What is Eucerin?

Eucerin is a brand offering a wide range of skincare and sun protection solutions. Its cosmetics have therapeutic properties and help treat psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, acne, redness, and dryness. The trademark has existed since 1902 and belongs to the German company Beiersdorf AG. Eucerin collaborates with medical experts, using effective and hypoallergenic ingredients in its formulas, approved by dermatologists.

Font and Colors

Eucerin Emblem

The brand name harmoniously combines graphics and text. At the top is the trade name, and at the bottom is a triangle with two extended corners. The word “Eucerin” literally stands on it, occupying all the space. The geometric shape gives the logo dynamism, as it resembles a short pointer, which serves as a call to action.

The text is executed with proportionally correct and neat letters with optimal spacing between characters. The first symbol is uppercase; the rest are lowercase. Unlike other characters, both “E” and “i” are done straight and without internal rounding. The dot above “i” has a square shape, and its width matches the letter, so it is perceived as an independent part.

Eucerin Symbol

The emblem’s text is made with a simple sans serif font, smooth and slightly elongated, from the Sans Serif category. The cut signs visually correspond well with purity and smoothness, which is very important for a cosmetic brand. The designers chose dark gray (inscription) and dark red (triangle) on a white background as a color palette.

Eucerin color codes

GunmetalHex color:#273445
RGB:39 52 69
CMYK:43 25 0 73
Pantone:PMS 7546 C
Deep CarmineHex color:#a82241
RGB:168 34 65
CMYK:0 80 61 34
Pantone:PMS 193 C