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Exagon Motors logo features an intricate design that, at first glance, appears to be a whimsical hieroglyph but is a stylized monogram of the letters “EM.” This design is encased within a hexagonal shield with rounded edges. Below the monogram, the company’s full name is displayed in two centered lines, each word in a distinct, original font—the first employs custom-designed glyphs, while the second uses a bold sans-serif. The grey color of the emblem resonates with the metal commonly used in car bodies.

A monogram often condenses and encapsulates a brand’s essence into a singular, easily recognizable graphic. This emblem does just that, offering an immediate sense of identity and uniqueness. The letters “E” and “M” meld into one another, symbolizing integration and unity, vital elements in the auto manufacturing business. Using a hexagonal shield for the surrounding shape introduces notions of durability and protection—qualities any prospective car owner values.

Colors speak their language, and grey is often associated with something classic, enduring, and industrial. It directly correlates with the metallic elements often used in the manufacture of vehicles, giving a nod to the material core of the business.

Typography is another remarkable aspect of the logo. The name Exagon Motors is divided into two lines, each with a unique font. The first line boasts specially crafted glyphs, adding a dash of creativity and innovation to the brand’s identity. The second line opts for a bold sans-serif, an unambiguous choice for clarity and straightforwardness.

Another noteworthy element is the logo’s symmetry. The hexagonal shape, the balanced monogram, and the centered alignment of the company name—all contribute to a sense of stability and harmony.

The emblem does more than capture attention; it engages the viewer in a narrative about the brand’s values—innovation, unity, and durability, all wrapped in an industrial aura. The shield suggests safeguarding, the monogram speaks to interconnectedness, the grey hue ties in with industrial craftsmanship, and the typography tells a story of innovation and clarity.

The emblem’s components collectively present an auto company as an amalgam of technical skill, creativity, and reliability. It is a visual statement, rich in symbolism and meaning, intricately woven to represent a complex yet harmonious entity in the competitive auto industry.

Exagon Motors: Brand overview

Founded: 2009
Founder: Exagon Engineering
Conceived in the early ’90s by Luc Marchetti and a cadre of vehicle design aficionados, Exagon Motors set out to forge groundbreaking electric sports cars. Making its home in Grenoble, France—a city known for technological innovation—the firm spent much of that decade in rigorous experimentation, fine-tuning its electric vehicle (EV) technology. However, the road to success was fraught with financial hardship; the company teetered on the brink of insolvency twice before it could bring its first model to market.

The dawn of the new millennium saw a turning point for Exagon Motors when they secured significant financial backing from French venture capital firms. This allowed them to undertake their ambitious and enigmatic “Project EOS,” aiming to create a high-end electric supercar that would merge cutting-edge battery tech with materials typically reserved for aerospace applications. After enduring multiple delays and technological challenges, their flagship model, the Exagon Furtive, finally saw the light of day in 2008. Priced at over a million dollars, it was an exercise in luxury and engineering prowess.

Despite receiving accolades from critics, the Furtive wasn’t a commercial success and incurred financial losses for the company. This led to a significant corporate overhaul in 2012, pivoting the firm’s focus toward crafting more affordable yet still high-performance electric sports cars. In today’s market, Exagon Motors is known for its GT E-Series, positioning itself as a formidable competitor to Tesla’s Roadster in the elite echelon of performance-oriented EV brands. It continues to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible in the electric vehicle arena.

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