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Exagon Motors: Brand overview

Founded in the early 90s by Luke Marchetti and a group of automotive design enthusiasts, Exagon Motors set out to create revolutionary electric sports cars. Based in Grenoble, France – a city known for its technological innovation – the company spent much of that decade in careful experimentation, honing the technology to create electric vehicles (EVs). However, the road to success was fraught with financial difficulties: the company twice found itself on the brink of bankruptcy before it was able to bring its first model to market.

At the dawn of the new millennium came a turning point in the development of Exagon Motors: the company received significant financial support from French venture capital firms. This allowed the company to embark on the ambitious and enigmatic “Project EOS,” which aimed to create a high-end electric supercar that combined advanced battery technology with materials typically used in aerospace. After numerous delays and technological challenges, the flagship Exagon Furtive model finally saw the light of day in 2008. The over one million dollar vehicle was a model of luxury and engineering excellence.

Despite positive reviews from critics, the Furtive was not a commercial success and brought financial losses to the company. This led to the company undergoing a significant reorganization in 2012, refocusing on creating more affordable yet high-performance electric sports cars. In today’s market, Exagon Motors is known for its GT E-Series, positioning itself as a formidable competitor to the Tesla Roadster in the elite echelon of performance-oriented electric car manufacturers. The company continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the electric vehicle arena.

Meaning and History

Exagon Motors Logo History

2009 – today

Exagon Motors Logo

The drawing, seemingly a fanciful hieroglyph, is actually a monogram of stylized letters “EM.” This monogram is placed in a hexagonal shield with rounded edges. Below are two lines. In the center is the full name of the company – “EXAGON MOTORS.” For each word, a different font is used: for the first, a set of individually designed glyphs; for the second, a bold sans-serif font. The gray color of the emblem is associated with the metal from which car bodies are made.

The hexagonal shield with rounded corners symbolizes the combination of advanced technology and convenient design. The use of two different fonts for the company name emphasizes the brand’s dual focus on innovation and reliability. The choice of gray color, which is usually associated with metal, reinforces the emblem’s connection with the automotive world.