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The Excision logo is as unusual as the music genre it represents. The extraordinary typography materializes the sound of Bass Music, transforming letters into tools that influence the subconscious. The emblem conveys a powerful musical spectrum capable of shifting time.

Excision: Brand overview

Founded:2006 – present
Founder:Jeff Abel
Excision is the creative pseudonym of musician and DJ Jeff Abel from the Canadian city of Kelowna (British Columbia province). It is also the name of the group he created, which performs compositions in the style of Bass Music and tours the world.

Meaning and History

Excision Logo History

The nickname Excision became associated with Jeff Abel in 2008 when he introduced his first collection of electronic dance music titled Shambhala Mix. The logo appeared a year later with the release of the album “Boom,” recorded by the musician on his own label, Rottun Recordings, along with Flux Pavilion and Datsik. The emblem is a direct reflection of the bass style pursued by the eponymous group, popularizing bass compositions at various music festivals.

What is Excision?

Excision is the pseudonym of DJ Jeff Abel. He is a native of Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada), and the founder of a group of like-minded individuals who promote Bass Music within the framework of worldwide tours and their own festivals.

2009 – today

Excision Logo

The Excision logo is textual but contains a degree of graphics. This is due to the font style chosen by the designers for the Canadian DJ. To make the emblem correspond as much as possible to the creative pseudonym, the inscription is cut with thin white stripes. They are concentrated at the bottom of the name and emerge from a single point in the right corner. The straight lines, like blades, cut through the letters, slightly shifting the fragments. This creates a unique stereo effect, making the object seem slightly fragmented due to the displacement of light waves.

However, the name retains its form and readability because it is executed in large block letters. The black characters are visible on a white background. The geometric design is well conveyed by diagonally cut corners, smooth tips, and sharpened stems. They pierce the space like knife blades, freeing it from standard views and images.

Font and Colors

Excision Emblem

An unconventional font has been chosen for the logo of an unconventional personality. It is Edistys Regular. The emblem is designed in a techno style and consists of wide glyphs with pointed lower parts extending beyond the overall boundary. Diagonal cuts add not only individuality but also dynamism to the emblem. The font designer is Emil Bertell, and the publisher is PYRS Fontlab Ltd.

The color scheme is simple. It consists of a classic monochrome, with black dominating. The dark inscription with unusual letters looks futuristic, embodying the unique creativity of the Canadian DJ. Moreover, the contrasting palette perfectly emphasizes the bass sound. White softens the black color and provides the harmony.

Excision Symbol

Excision color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C