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Explay: Brand overview

In 2005, Eduard Vashchenko founded Explay in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Initially, the company specialized in the wholesale of personal audio devices. Two years later, in 2007, the name Explay was officially registered, which marked the beginning of its further activities. Then, in 2009, there was a significant shift: the company became part of ADM, which changed the trajectory of its development.

In 2011, Explay entered the tablet computer market. The company did not stop there: by 2013, it released its first line of smartphones. Another year later, the company boasted an extensive network of more than 200 service centers spread across Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, indicating its regional influence.

Explay had a wide range of products, including audio equipment, GPS systems, MP3 players, digital readers, digital displays, and video recording equipment. Over time, the company began to include tablets and smartphones in its product range. To work with customers, Explay cooperates with major retailers in the Russia-Ukraine-Belarus triad.

By 2014, Explay had become one of the leading players in the Russian digital device manufacturing market. The company’s success was based on innovation, enhanced user experience, and cost efficiency. Even before the change of ownership, these principles helped Explay strengthen its brand reputation in the regional electronics market.

Meaning and History

Explay Logo History

2005 – today

Explay Logo

The call to watch a video is well conveyed in the Explay logo, as its key element is the play button. This button is disguised as the letter “L,” which looks like part of a square with rounded corners. The rest of the glyphs are less artistic and relate more to typography than graphics. The inscription is in uppercase font. Because of the absence of serifs, it looks simple. However, the simplicity hides the feeling of weightiness created by the bold, dark gray letters.

The play button hidden in the “L” is like a secret that makes you wonder what’s coming next. The dark gray color and bold letters create a sense of solidity, but not too flashy, like a rock you can rely on. The capital letters give the feeling that he wants to say something important, but without shouting.

Explay color codes

Neon GrayHex color:#818282
RGB:129 130 130
CMYK:1 0 0 49
Pantone:PMS 423 C