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The Fakro logo is businesslike and serious. Its practicality lies in simplicity because the design is associated with solid but uncomplicated elements. Smooth lines, smooth strokes, geometric style – that’s what characterizes this logo. It conveys the main thing – the concept of the company to produce folding ladders and skylights. Especially for this, the developers used wide stripes and a restrained color palette.

Fakro: Brand overview

Founder:Richard Fljorek
New Sonch, Poland
Fakro is a Polish international corporation specializing in the manufacture of attic and roof windows, as well as folding stairs, terrace glazing, hatches, roofing, and waterproofing materials. It owns over 100 patents and several factories, including abroad, being the world’s second manufacturer of accessories for arranging roof window systems. The year of its appearance is 1991. The founder is Richard Fljorek. The location of headquarters is the city of New Sonch.

Meaning and History

Fakro Logo Fakro Logo

The Fakro company very quickly began to gain popularity, which contributed to its entry into the international level. Three years after the opening, Polish products began to arrive in Slovakia and the Netherlands (in 1994). In 1998, the company established exports to European countries and opened distribution centers and production sites. This allowed her to significantly expand deliveries to Latvia, Austria, China, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the USA, France, Great Britain, and other countries.

Thanks to a highly professional development team, the company quickly became famous, which is why it now has operational offices on all continents. Not only trade structures but also design, architectural, and construction companies from all over the world support cooperation with it. In particular, Fakro has 12 factories with over 4,000 employees. And its agencies and products are recognizable by a specific marking – a strict name with an imitation of a dormer window.

What is Fakro?

Fakro is a company from Poland that manufactures windows for attics and attics and related accessories for them. Among them are folding stairs, attic hatches, glazing for terraces, and protective roofing materials. Founded in 1991 by entrepreneur Richard Fljorek, it is now the world’s second-largest roof window manufacturer. Its headquarters is located in New Sonch.


Fakro Old Logo

The very first logo contains a detailed designation of the type of activity of the Polish corporation. The sign depicts a house fragment – a gable roof, one side of which is partially drawn and the other completely. On the visible part of the flat roof is a dormer window. It is semi-open, which demonstrates its wide functionality. This design is formed by strict figures: a green rhombus, a white parallelepiped, and long rectangles with a solid black fill.

A wide bar is at the bottom, aligned with the icon on the left. It contains the name of the Polish company, consisting of even and angular letters of the same width as the lines near the roof on the left. All characters are large, capital, and geometrically proportional. This visual identity is minimalist yet recognizable, evoking the feeling of a high-quality product.


Fakro New Logo

The current logo is a continuation of the old one. The changes made are insignificant and have not changed either the design, the concept, or the style of the emblem. It is still composed of two parts – graphic and text with the same font type. The adjustments affected only the icon: it has become simpler and lighter. The gable roof, chimney, and window opening disappeared from it. Only a hint of a skylight with a modern hinged frame remains. Its role is played by a parallelepiped. In addition, the authors of the logo changed the green color, so it went from rich dark to light green.

The early version of the logo is more detailed than the current one. More graphical details are used to indicate the scope of the Fakro company, which cannot be said about the modern version. However, this is due to the desire of the developers to lighten the visual identity so that it has elements of the skylight but without excessive load on the graphics. And they succeeded quite well.

Font and Colors

Fakro Symbol

For the inscription in the logo, the designers preferred geometric glyphs – even, smooth, massive, with stripes resembling window frames. Therefore, the word “Fakro” is typed in a grotesque, as close as possible to Remora Corp and Workhorse Regular with minor changes. In terms of the color palette, everything is stable: the emblem contains black (inscription, edging), white (background, glass), and green in two shades (improvised window).

Fakro color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
Bice GreenHex color:#41b93c
RGB:65 185 60
CMYK:65 0 68 27
Pantone:PMS 354 C