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The modern logo of Fall Out Boy, an American rock band, is spectacular and recognizable. The crowned volcano and the abbreviation of the group’s name in a unique “trembling” and monochrome design symbolize the features of the group’s musical creativity.

Fall Out Boy: Brand overview

Founded: 2001–present (hiatus 2009–2013)
Founder: Joe Trohman, Pete Wentz
Wilmette, Illinois, U.S.
Website: falloutboy.com
Fall Out Boy is a group of rock musicians from the USA. The group was founded in 2001 by Joseph Throhman and Pete Wentz. He began his vocal career in the suburbs of Chicago, starting from the local hardcore punk scene. It is now located in Wilmette, Illinois.

Meaning and History

Fall Out Boy Logo History

The most famous team logo is the crowned volcano. It was used both singly and in combination with the name of the group. And yet he is not the only one: there were many other legendary emblems featured on album covers from different times.

What is Fall Out Boy?

Fall Out Boy is an American pop-punk and pop-rock band. It has existed since 2001 and consists of four people who started their careers separately. They were joined by Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman.

2002 – 2003

Fall Out Boy Logo 2002-2003

The musicians did not use FallOutBoy to describe themselves for a long time. It represented an alternation of uppercase letters with lowercase letters. The font is simple, sans serif.

2003 – 2005

Fall Out Boy Logo 2003-2005

At that time, the roster decided to stand out, so they radically redesigned the logo. It went from black to light blue with a thicker font. Each word in the title is written separately.

2005 – 2007

Fall Out Boy Logo 2005-2007

The year 2005 brought the musicians an update: then one of the legendary logos appeared, debuting on the cover of From Under the Cork Tree. It is an all-seeing eye located in the middle of the castle. There is a rope around it instead of a ring. There is a crown above the keyhole, below – a banner with the musical group’s name. The words are written in a stylish thin font, all capital letters.

2007 – 2008

Fall Out Boy Logo 2007-2008

The rock group continued to play with fonts, so in 2007 they switched to italics. The name of that time looks like it was handwritten in lowercase letters.

2008 – 2013

Fall Out Boy Logo 2008-2013

Then there was a combination of two fonts. In the middle, there is a miniature thin “Out,” and on the sides, there are wide “Fall” and “Boy,” which are slightly larger.

2013 – 2016

Fall Out Boy Logo 2013-2016

All letters became the same: capital and elongated. Graphic symbols have changed. It was created by Brandon Travis Rike, an Ohio-based designer who has played in several rock bands. The logo was placed on the cover of the Save Rock and Roll music album.

2016 – 2018

Fall Out Boy Logo 2016-2018

Then the group changed the font again: the name acquired a classic look and serif letters.

2018 – 2019

Fall Out Boy Logo 2018-2019

In this version, the words are remote from each other and made thin, as if emerging from a veil of fog.

In addition to the image of the famous “volcano with a crown,” the musical group has other trademarks of its own identity. These are names that are made in different styles. One of the latter is the thin, broken inscription “Fall Out Boy.” Words are spaced far apart, with characters at different heights. In the first fragment – a low “A,” in the second – a skewed “U,” in the third – protruding up “O.” The corners of the letters are rounded, and the lines of some characters are interrupted, which is visible in the “B,” “O” and “A.”

Fall Out Boy Symbol

The most recognizable logo of rock musicians is the crowned volcano. This is a cut-off triangle. It is believed that the trapezoid conveys the image of a volcano from the composition of Young Volcanoes. Above it is a crown with three dots, which symbolizes the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988). The central part is occupied by the abbreviation “FOB,” executed in large letters. All the lines on the brand name look jagged – as if they were carelessly applied with wide strokes.

Each album had its designation expressed by a graphic symbol. It was chosen in accordance with the content of the songs and the overall design of the cover. The typeface has always varied – from the classic serif (American Beauty / American Psycho) to the customized sans serif (Mania).

The basic color combination of the group is black and white. They fit perfectly into the unique mood and emphasize the style of rock metal. Usually, the dark one dominates and serves as the background for the light emblem. However, the inversion scheme is also used.

2019 – today

Fall Out Boy Logo 2019-present

In this version, American rock musicians again decided to play with the letters. As a result, we got a unique logo consisting of an inscription with no analogs because every symbol is original. Distortion of characters is made in the style of screensavers for horror films – with “trembling” text. Moreover, you cannot find two identical letters in it – each is played in its way. For example, the first “L” is much shorter than the second, the leg “A” is protruding to the right, the lower part of the “U” is retracted to the left, and both “O” is extended and flattened at the sides.

Font and Colors

Fall Out Boy Emblem

This time, the musicians opted for a bold sans-serif typeface with distorted letters. Therefore, the inscription looks “trembling,” as if from waves spreading through the water. But they remained true to the old color palette: monochrome still prevails in the emblem.

Fall Out Boy color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What is the Fall Out Boy logo?

Fall Out Boy has a very recognizable logo – a crowned volcano. It is an isosceles triangle with the crown of the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat instead of the top. In the center of the trapezoid is the inscription FOB – the abbreviation of the group’s name.

Does Fall Out Boy have merch?

Yes, Fall Out Boy has its merchandise. They are presented in her official online store. These are mainly souvenirs, records, T-shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts, backpacks, wallets, and much more.

Did Fall Out Boy get their name?

Fall Out Boy was nicknamed Radioactive Man’s. It is taken from the animated series The Simpsons: that’s the name of Bart’s buddy.

What is Fall Out Boy known for?

Fall Out Boy is known for its pop-punk music. In particular, his popularity came after the song Sugar.