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The Farmasi logo characterizes the company as innovative, ambitious, and focused on the beauty and health of its customers. It symbolizes the balance between nature and science in the brand’s cosmetic products.

Farmasi: Brand overview

Founder:Dr. Cevet Tuna
Istanbul, Turkey
Farmasi was founded in Turkey in 1950 and has since gained worldwide recognition as an innovative hair, body, and facial cosmetics manufacturer. It adheres to strict quality and safety standards; hence its products are in demand in over 25 countries. Organic and natural ingredients in the company’s signature products have proven highly effective. Notably, Farmasi has its own sales system through independent consultants, which allows for rapidly expanding its customer base.

Meaning and History

Farmasi Logo History

The Farmasi logo evokes positive associations, as it’s depicted in catalogs with the company’s new products, distributed by independent consultants. The glossy cover with the brand inscription invites you to flip through the pages to check out the range of products. The emblem is used in print and digital forms without losing clarity. Designers have made it adaptive and recognizable.

What is Farmasi?

Farmasi is a Turkish manufacturer of skin care and decorative cosmetics, perfumes, dietary supplements, and vitamin-mineral complexes. It uses natural ingredients because it cares about the health of its customers. The company has existed since 1950 and was created by Dr. Cevdet Tuna, after whom one of its product lines is named.

1950 – today

Farmasi Logo

The brand’s logo contains an image of two wavy pink ribbons placed at an angle. They could symbolize the flow of life energy, nature, and its cyclical processes and reflect the Farmasi philosophy of using natural and organic ingredients. One of the stripes has a small sharp indentation at the top – a hint that beauty shouldn’t be perfect, as it’s the imperfections that give people individuality.

Next to it is the company’s name, typed in gray letters in a modern style. Although all glyphs are uppercase, there is a dot above “İ.” Its presence is explained by the fact that the word “FARMASİ” is written not in English but in Turkish. In this case, the dot is one of the distinctive features of Turkish grammar. According to spelling rules, it can be omitted from the brand name, but the creators of the logo decided to keep it. In this case, a stylistic element helps make the identity unique.

Font and Colors

Farmasi Symbol

Many of the letters in the Farmasi logo have sharp angles, giving them a modern and dynamic look. The sharp edges are associated with strength, energy, and movement, emphasizing the company’s active market position and drive for innovation. The font used resembles a modified Function Pro Book by FontSite Inc. The version represented in the wordmark differs with open intra-character gaps in “A” and “R.” This helps to create a unique and memorable brand.

Farmasi Emblem

The inscription is gray, which may signify stability, reliability, and professionalism. The two wavy stripes are colored pink, symbolizing beauty and health – the key values of Farmasi.