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Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo
Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo PNG

There is a beautiful legend about formation of the Ferrari logo, told by the team founder Enzo Ferrari. On the evening of June 17, 1923, the day of the first victory at Circuito di Savio, the emblem was presented to Count Enrico Baraka – the father of the famous ace of World War I, in whose squadron Dino served, the Enzo’s brother. After that, the racer became acquainted with Countess Paolina, the mother of the pilot, who proposed Enzo, “Ferrari, depict a reared up horse on your car, the same as the one on a board of my son’s plane. His emblem will bring you luck.

Meaning and History

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo History
Evolution of the Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo

However, some people believe that a black horse is not a personal sign of Baraka. Actually, it is the sign of the whole squadron 912, and the pilot’s parents could not pass the mark to Ferrari. Others argue that the horse is the coat of arms of Stuttgart, which Baraka carved from the canvas that covered the fuselage of a German aircraft that had been shot down by him. He hung the souvenir on his ship, and this is was the special thing that the pilots of both warring parties usually got. Enzo did not use the emblem with the horse until 1932.

At the dawn of the birth of the race, the cars of each country were given their own color. Green is for the English, blue for the French, and red for the Italians. But later the red color was associated only with Ferrari.

The term “Scuderia” dates back to the Middle Ages. In Italian, it was used to indicate the place of the racehorses, which now are replaced by race cars.

The image of the reared up horse on the yellow shield of the Ferrari logo for the first time was applied to the lateral planes of the car in 1952 by the sports manager of the Scuderia, Nello Ugolino. Until this year the Ferrari mark was placed only on the hood.

The yellow color was chosen for the Ferrari logo background, because it’s the color of Modena, where Ferrari was born.

The racing division of the eponymous luxury cars and sports team was founded in 1929 and since then has successfully won titles and victories in the framework of F1. However, Enzo Ferrari (the owner of the company and the car brand) created it for this very purpose. It is now the oldest and one of the most successful teams in the world. Due to the specific logo, she also bears the nickname The Prancing Horse. Indeed, the rearing black horse is memorable as a personal emblem. This image conveys the dynamics, hidden strength, power, and unbridled temper of athletes. In total, the famous racers have ten logos.

1950 – 1964

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo 1950-1964

The initial version of the logo consisted of an elongated company and team name, under which was a miniature prancing horse sign. He used to decorate Scuderia Ferrari trucks. Moreover, the letters “r” visually conveyed the outline of the horse. The upper part of the capital “F” was extended to the full length of the word, while a horizontal oval replaced the dot above “i.”

1965 – 1983

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo 1965-1983

In 1965, the designers changed the proportions of the lettering and drawing, making the prancing horse the main detail of the emblem. They repainted the name yellow and placed it below, turning it into a catwalk for a powerful animal.

1983 – 1996

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo 1983-1996

Since 1983, the logo has received official status and an updated entourage. It was then that three branded stripes in the color of the Italian flag appeared in its upper part. They were subsequently used in various modifications. The developers moved the prancing horse along with the name to the yellow vertical rectangle. To prevent the letters from blending in with the background, they repainted the inscription black. A thin dark frame ran along the entire perimeter of the geometric figure. The corners of the quadrangle were rounded.

1997 – 1999

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo 1997-1999

In 1997, the Scuderia racing team was sponsored by Phillip Morris, a Marlboro cigarettes manufacturer, so their name was mentioned in the logo. For this, the designers radically revised its style and corrected some details, harmoniously placing advertisements for tobacco products. The large red rectangle has been divided into three sections. The top two were equal in size squares formed by a white border. On the left side was a prancing horse wearing a yellow shield with the team’s name and handwritten “S” and “F” underneath. On the right was the word “Marlboro” in tall, thin serifs. The third part was located at the bottom and additionally repeated all the inscriptions. There it was written in flying cursive handwriting: “Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro.”

1999 – 2006

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo 1999-2006

The management of the company decided to update the team logo, resulting in which all elements were regrouped. The upper rectangles were shifted to the right, and an expanded “Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro” lettering appeared on the left, in block letters in the upper case with wide spacing. The general appearance of the logo has become elongated. The designers have added two wide red stripes on the top and bottom along the entire length to emphasize this.

2007 – 2008

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo 2007-2008

Due to the ban on tobacco advertising, the car company was forced to change its team logo. The black horse remained on the yellow shield, and the developers replaced the word “Marlboro” with a barcode corresponding to the product. In addition, a large abbreviation “SF” of a strict geometric shape, an oblique inscription “Scuderia Ferrari” in blue, and two boundary lines on red background appeared on the logo.

2009 – 2010

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo 2009-2010

The developers have corrected the barcode, adding short strips to it to encrypt and avoid a scandal, which nevertheless happened due to the hidden advertising of tobacco. At the same time, they replaced red with a more intense shade – scarlet. This made the black SFs stand out even more with a gradient and highlights.

2011 – 2017

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo 2011-2017

The car giant has updated the racing team emblem as it has been under constant pressure to ban the promotion of tobacco products. As a result, instead of a barcode, a configuration identical to the design of the Marlboro cigarettes appeared since Phillip Morris continued to be their sponsor. The developers raised a yellow triangular shield with a branded horse in the upper left corner on a triangular element. They left the name at the bottom right, supplementing it with wide red stripes.


Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo 2018

During this period, the professional racing team brought back its old logo – the shield with the prancing horse and the designations “S,” “F” to the left and right of it. The black name was also retained outside the central element. The stripe, consisting of the colors of the national flag of Italy, has received a triangular shape.

2018 – present

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo 2018-present

Although advertising for Marlboro cigarettes disappeared from the emblem, the Mission Winnow mark appeared on it, behind which Phillip Morris, their manufacturer, was again encrypted. Since there was no direct advertising for tobacco, the riders adopted a new symbol, openly placed on the logo. Now on the left is the classic symbolism of the automotive brand, and on the right is a complex configuration of arrows. Moreover, they emerge from the negative space: red elements – from white, and white – from red. This design brings a touch of mystery and dynamics to the logo.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Ferrari (Scuderia) Emblem

Ferrari used a custom font for its emblem. Subsequently, he received the name of the same name. There are also handwritten elements – to denote the letters “S” and “F.” The color palette is stable: it has always consisted of yellow, black, red, white, and green. The latter periodically disappeared from the logo, but after a while, it returned.

Ferrari (Scuderia) Symbol