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Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo

Ferrari Logo
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There is a beautiful legend about formation of the Ferrari logo, told by the team founder Enzo Ferrari. On the evening of June 17, 1923, the day of the first victory at Circuito di Savio, the emblem was presented to Count Enrico Baraka – the father of the famous ace of World War I, in whose squadron Dino served, the Enzo’s brother. After that, the racer became acquainted with Countess Paolina, the mother of the pilot, who proposed Enzo, “Ferrari, depict a reared up horse on your car, the same as the one on a board of my son’s plane. His emblem will bring you luck.

Ferrari Scuderia logo history

Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo History
Ferrari (Scuderia) Logo Evolution

However, some people believe that a black horse is not a personal sign of Baraka. Actually, it is the sign of the whole squadron 912, and the pilot’s parents could not pass the mark to Ferrari. Others argue that the horse is the coat of arms of Stuttgart, which Baraka carved from the canvas that covered the fuselage of a German aircraft that had been shot down by him. He hung the souvenir on his ship, and this is was the special thing that the pilots of both warring parties usually got. Enzo did not use the emblem with the horse until 1932.

Ferrari emblem

At the dawn of the birth of the race, the cars of each country were given their own color. Green is for the English, blue for the French, and red for the Italians. But later the red color was associated only with Ferrari.

The term “Scuderia” dates back to the Middle Ages. In Italian, it was used to indicate the place of the racehorses, which now are replaced by race cars.

Ferrari symbol

The image of the reared up horse on the yellow shield of the Ferrari logo for the first time was applied to the lateral planes of the car in 1952 by the sports manager of the Scuderia, Nello Ugolino. Until this year the Ferrari mark was placed only on the hood.

The yellow color was chosen for the Ferrari logo background, because it’s the color of Modena, where Ferrari was born.

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