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Festool: Brand overview

Originating from Germany, Festool is a reputable brand of power tools and equipment aimed at a professional audience. Albert Feather was instrumental in establishing the company in 1925, choosing Wendlingen, Germany, as the location.

Joiners and other professionals are constantly using Festool’s high-quality power tools: circular saws, jigsaws, sanders, and drills. Festool does not limit itself to these tools but also develops dust extraction systems, saws, routers, and other essential tools for harsh industrial environments.

The company is committed to the highest quality, innovation, increased safety, and dust-free tooling. Festool tools are priced higher than many consumer brands like Dewalt and Makita, which shows the company’s focus on quality and performance.

At the heart of their tools are revolutionary technologies, including brushless EC motors and efficient dust extraction systems built into the tools. In addition, the company owns a patented mobility solution for its tools, the T-LOC modular case system.

As of 2021, Festool employs more than 1,500 people worldwide and has annual revenues of around €480 million. The main users of the brand are carpenters, cabinetmakers, and other woodworkers who need precise and reliable tools for their work.

Despite competition from other professional power tool brands such as Mafell, Fein, and Makita, Festool has carved a niche for itself in the professional power tool industry.

Meaning and History

Festool Logo History

What is Festool?

Since its founding in 1925, Festool, the prestigious German power tool brand, has had a significant impact on the woodworking industry. Innovative designs and reliable performance have made Festool a globally popular brand among professional carpenters and woodworkers.

1925 – 1933

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1933 – 1962

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1962 – 1983

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1983 – 1992

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1992 – 2000

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2000 – today

Festool Logo

The logo with the Festool name is entirely in light green. The power tool manufacturer uses this color to convey the durability, environmental friendliness, and reliability of its products. The letters are square in shape, but their corners are rounded. This design indicates the safety of the equipment. The font, as a whole, gives the impression of confidence and stability, as all strokes are equally clear and wide.

The light green color is reminiscent of fresh foliage, making you think that it is good for the planet. The rounded corners of the square letters are reminiscent of the soft touch of something strong, saying that the tools are sturdy yet safe to use. The font is so solid that it’s as if it’s saying, “Trust me, I’ve got this.” It’s a logo that knows what it’s doing, just like the tools it represents.

Festool color codes

Bice GreenHex color:#44b93a
RGB:68 185 58
CMYK:63 0 69 27
Pantone:PMS 354 C