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The Fioravanti logo is a testament to the brand’s innovative and unconventional approach to car design. Elements of the emblem blend creativity and modern technology, resulting in iconic designs crafted by the maestro.

Fioravanti: Brand overview

Fioravanti was founded in 1987 in Turin (Italy) and was originally the brainchild of Leonardo Fioravanti, a designer with an impressive 24-year career at Pininfarina, where he created the legendary Ferrari models. In 1991, Fioravanti turned his attention to architecture, realizing projects in Japan, but then turned his attention to his founder’s true passion – automobile design.

At Pininfarina, Leonardo left an indelible mark, creating models such as the Ferrari Daytona, 308 GTB, 288 GTO and the iconic F40. Building on this rich heritage, in the 90s and 2000s, Fioravanti shifted its focus to conceptualizing avant-garde car models. One such remarkable new product was the Kite model developed in 2004. The company has also collaborated with manufacturers, including a unique partnership with Ferrari to create a one-off model, the SP1, introduced in 2008. A Skill prototype built on the Fiat Grande Punto platform also saw the light of day in 2006.

Currently headquartered in Moncalieri, a suburb of Turin, the design studio remains focused on developing excellence in Italian automotive design. Thanks to the wealth of experience gained by its founder, the company aims to remain a beacon of innovation and stylistic splendor in the field.

Meaning and History

Fioravanti Logo History

1987 – today

Fioravanti Logo

Fioravanti, known for its stylish and innovative concept cars, has a logo that captures its futuristic vision. The logo features an artistic “F” made from two elegantly curved gray stripes, reflecting Italian chic and grace, embodying the company’s commitment to cutting-edge design and aesthetic excellence.

Below the symbol, the brand name “Fioravanti” appears in an elegant, slim font with widely spaced letters, enhancing the modern and sleek look. The bright red color of the name is eye-catching and symbolizes passion, energy, and dynamism, core qualities of Fioravanti’s projects and innovations.

The curved lines of the “F” convey forward thinking and flexibility, which are crucial in concept car design. The fluidity of the curves suggests movement and progress, reinforcing Fioravanti’s leadership in automotive design.

The gray stripes add modernity and sophistication, complementing the bold red of the brand name. This color combination creates a striking contrast, making the logo memorable and impactful. The minimalist design keeps the logo clean and contemporary, aligning with the company’s futuristic outlook.

The bright red highlights the passion and energy that Fioravanti brings to its work. The elegant font, with its slim and well-spaced letters, enhances readability and aesthetic appeal, making the logo both striking and memorable.