Fix The News (FTN) Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Fix The News (FTN) Logo New

Fix The News (FTN), formerly known as Future Crunch, highlights stories of human progress and achievement. Over the past eight years, FTN has built a strong following through its newsletter, website, and social media, sharing uplifting news with over 55,000 subscribers. The podcast features conversations with individuals making significant contributions to societal improvement. The rebrand marks a deeper commitment to showcasing hopeful and sustainable journalism.

The rebrand’s main goal was to create a bold, optimistic identity reflecting human achievement. Early logo concepts inspired the classic NASA “worm” logo, known for its clean design that evokes a sense of exploration. This choice reflects the mission to broaden perspectives and foster a global connection.

The final logo design includes two versions. The short FTN wordmark is used where space is limited, such as on social media and broadcast platforms. The full name wordmark is for the newsletter, website, and other expansive applications. A custom “F” can be used independently for special purposes, adding versatility to the brand’s visual toolkit.

Fix The News (FTN) Logo Evolution

Color plays a significant role. The primary color, bright blue, symbolizes the Earth and a positive outlook. This blue is complemented by a warm yellow and an optimistic purple, creating a vibrant and inviting color palette. These colors are used consistently across various brand elements.

The typeface chosen is Inter, a modern and functional font family designed by Rasmus Andersson. Inter is known for its readability and versatility, making it suitable for digital and print applications. Its clean lines and straightforward design enhance the brand’s modern and optimistic feel.

A distinctive feature of the FTN brand identity is the use of patterns. These patterns, used in screen presentations, social media posts, and merchandise, add a dynamic and playful element to the visual language. The patterns are designed to be ever-growing, allowing continuous evolution as the brand expands.

Fix The News (FTN) Symbol

Visual representations of progress inspire graphical elements in the new identity. Progress bars and graph charts depicting positive trends in global issues, such as poverty reduction, disease, and crime, are used. These elements add visual interest and reinforce the mission to highlight advancements.

The rebrand includes a thoughtful application of the new identity across all touchpoints. The website has been redesigned to reflect the new visual language, featuring a clean layout emphasizing readability and user engagement. High-quality images and concise messaging ensure visitors quickly understand the platform’s purpose.

Social media channels have been updated with the new logo and color palette, ensuring a cohesive look across all digital platforms. The short FTN wordmark and vibrant colors help the brand stand out in crowded social media feeds, attracting attention and encouraging interaction.

Fix The News (FTN) Logo Old

FTN’s podcast branding has been refreshed. The podcast cover art now features the bright blue primary color and the updated logo, creating a visually appealing and recognizable look. This consistency across various media helps build a strong brand presence and fosters trust among the audience.

The rebrand extends to physical merchandise, with products like T-shirts, tote bags, and notebooks featuring the new logo and patterns. These items serve as promotional tools and help build a community of supporters who share and promote FTN’s optimistic vision.

The new brand identity captures the platform’s mission to celebrate human progress and inspire optimism. The modern logo, vibrant color palette, functional typography, and dynamic patterns create a cohesive and impactful visual identity. This rebrand enhances FTN’s market position and reinforces its commitment to positive journalism. Through thoughtful design and implementation, FTN is well-positioned to continue highlighting stories of progress and making a real difference in the world.