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The enraged panther on the Florida Panthers logo represents fearlessness in facing difficulties and the ability to overcome an opponent and emerge victorious from a difficult situation. This is exactly what the Miami hockey team emphasized: the emblem of the Florida Panthers consists of a dangerous predator, which is depicted in a straight jump. This is a warning to competitors: stay out of the way!

Florida Panthers: Brand overview

Founded: 1993
Founder: Sunrise Sports and Entertainment
Sunrise, Florida, U.S.
Website: nhl.com

The Florida Panthers are an ice hockey team resided in Miami. They compete in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the NHL.

Founding an NHL team in South Florida seems a bold decision since the state of palm trees, beaches, and dolphins is not a proper place to play hockey. The first attempts to establish a hockey team in Miami go back to the early 1970s when the World Hockey Association planned to expand. The club got the name “Screaming Eagles,” but the undertaking ended with nothing because of the lack of money or other reasons. In the early 1990s, the NHL was ready for even crazier actions than expanding to the south. Besides, Florida billionaire Wayne Huizenga, the owner of the largest video rental network in the United States, decided to bring hockey and baseball to Florida and the Miami Dolphins football club, owned by him.

In December 1992, Wayne Huizenga was awarded the NHL franchise for $ 50 million. The new team joined the NHL in the 1993-94 season.

Wayne Huizenga named his team the “Florida Panthers,” which was widely criticized by the NHL officials. Everything was clear with “Panthers.” The Florida panther is a North American cougar that lives in pinelands and tropical hardwood hammocks of Florida. Many efforts are underway to conserve the state’s remaining 150 panthers that live in Everglades, the famous Florida national park. Wayne Huizenga chose the given name since the panther is a very fast and agile animal. He wanted the team name to reflect the fast and aggressive style of a game.

Yet, there were many discussions about “Florida.” Why did Huizenga decide that his franchise would represent entire Florida, as the Tampa-based team had already joined the NHL? Wayne Huizenga, a Fort Lauderdale resident, tended both of his clubs to represent the entire state. Thus, his baseball club was named “Florida Marlins” (now “Miami Marlins”).

Panthers’ sweaters’ shoulder patches featured an intricate alternative team logo: a red and blue palm tree crossed with a white and blue hockey stick in front of a yellow sun. The sun is a symbol of Florida, officially nicknamed the Sunshine State. An alternative blue sweater appeared in 1998, when the team moved to Fort Lauderdale, or rather, to its suburb of Sunrise, standing on the edge of a huge swamp protected by the state.

A bit later, the alternative logo was changed to a panther leaping while breaking a hockey stick in two.

Now the Florida Panthers history continues without Wayne Huizenga, who sold the team to billionaire Vincent Viola, but remained the owner of the BB&T Center, an indoor arena in Sunrise. It is an incredibly beautiful arena with palm alleys and a balcony on the second tier of the stands (fans even can go out to smoke during matches), but, unfortunately, it is rarely attended by loyal fans due to the misery of the franchise itself.

Meaning and History

Florida Panthers Logo History

The Florida Panthers franchise has only two logos so far, which can be explained by the fact that the club was found not so long ago. In 2016, the team changed the logo with a jumping panther in favor of a military-style emblem depicting the beast’s head. At the same time, the team retained the color scheme and the redesigned old logo, which is now seen on the players’ helmets to symbolize the times’ connection.

What is Florida Panthers?

It is the southernmost NHL team based in Sunrise, Florida. Since 1998, she has been hosting home games at the FLA Live Arena, and until that time, hockey players played at the Miami Arena. The club was founded in 1993 and belonged to the Eastern Conference, representing the Atlantic Division. In 1996, he participated in the Stanley Cup Finals but did not win.

1993 – 1999

Florida Panthers Logo 1993-1999

The team met its inaugural season with the iconic leaping panther logo. The aggressive animal was gold and blue, while its eyes, mouth, and paws were of a bright red shade. It was depicted with bared fangs and claws.

1999 – 2016

Florida Panthers Logo 1999-2016

A small logo update took place in 2000. The alterations only included the deeper and saturated color palette. The leaping panther with sharp fangs and claws remained unchanged.

2016 – today

Florida Panthers Logo 2016-Present

In 2016, the franchise unveiled a new logo, which completely differed from the previous ones. A more mature and stoic panther is placed inside a gold-and-blue shield with a dark blue outline. Its head is turned slightly away, to the left. The golden creature has a white muzzle and bright red eyes. The white-scripted “Florida” wordmark in a red tab with a gold outline crowns the shield. The shield resembles a military badge. Prior this logo was used as Florida Panthers alternative emblem, but instead of a “Florida” wordmark, it featured a “Panthers” inscription.

Font and Colors

Florida Panthers emblem

In all variants, the panther is the central image. In early versions, she is depicted in a jump: the predator gazes intently in front and rushes forward with her sharp claws extended, an open mouth, and a prominent mustache. The formidable beast’s whole appearance testifies to the highest emotional stress and readiness to tear apart anyone who gets in the way. That is, the emblem was made according to all the rules of intimidating the enemy. Broken lines and sharp corners accentuate the high glow. The second version looks less aggressive but no less formidable.

Florida Panthers symbol

The inscription on the logo is made in a font from the Sans Serif category – smooth, chopped, grotesque. Arrangement of letters – wide, case – upper.

In early versions of the logo, the palette seems more varied than in the current one, but this is not. They use the same colors: white, gold PMS 465, dark blue PMS 282, and red PMS 186. All of them are included in the list of the official range.

Florida Panthers color codes

Red Hex color: #c8102e
RGB: 200 16 46
CMYK: 2 100 85 6
Pantone: PMS 186 C
Blue Hex color: #041e42
RGB: 4 30 66
CMYK: 100 90 13 68
Pantone: PMS 282 C
Flat Gold Hex color: #b9975b
RGB: 185 151 91
CMYK: 0 31 98 0
Pantone: PMS 1235 C

What happened to the Florida Panthers?

After a series of setbacks, the Florida Panthers took off and played victorious matches in November 2021. In the middle of the month, they beat Minnesota Wild and New Jersey Devils.

When did the Florida Panthers join the NHL?

The Florida Panthers first appeared in the NHL in the 1993-1994 season. It has proven itself to be the most successful expansion franchise ever. Her record was broken by the Vegas Golden Knights hockey players in 2017-2018.

What city is the Florida Panthers?

The Florida Panthers hockey club is based in the Florida city of Sunrise and is considered the southernmost.