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Fly Pro logo, representing the airline based at Chișinău Airport, is imbued with the national colors of Moldova: yellow, red, and blue. With a yellow trapezoid symbolizing a part of the aircraft’s tail fin, blue lowercase letters spelling “fly,” and red uppercase “PRO” with a stylized bird on the right, the design speaks to the brand’s identity and function.

Colors of the Moldovan Flag:

  • Connection to Home: The logo establishes a strong connection with Moldova by employing national colors, reinforcing the airline’s local identity and pride.
  • Visual Appeal: The combination of yellow, red, and blue create a vibrant and energetic appearance that attracts attention.

Yellow Trapezoid – Tail Fin of an Airplane:

  • Industry Representation: This shape represents a part of the aircraft’s tail fin, directly tying the logo to the airline industry.
  • Direction and Stability: The geometric form suggests direction and stability, key attributes in aviation.

Blue “fly”:

  • Core Service: The word “fly” describes the company’s primary service offering – air travel.
  • Accessibility: Lowercase letters for “fly” make the term approachable, perhaps reflecting the airline’s commitment to customer service and accessibility.

Red “PRO” and Stylized Bird:

  • Professionalism: The uppercase “PRO” emphasizes the company’s professional approach and expertise in the field.
  • Flight Symbolism: The stylized bird represents flight, a universal symbol of freedom, aspiration, and exploration.
  • Engine Heat Waves: The wavy lines forming the bird’s silhouette symbolize hot air heated by the aircraft’s engine, further connecting the symbol to aviation.
  • Unity of Elements: The bird’s placement next to “PRO” visually unites the concepts of professionalism and flight, summarizing the company’s values.

Overall Composition and Dynamics:

  • Harmony: The balanced use of shapes, colors, and typography creates a harmonious visual impact.
  • Movement: The design conveys a sense of motion and dynamics, suitable for an airline that promises smooth and lively travel experiences.

Marketing and Branding Perspective:

  • Memorability: The unique combination of elements makes the logo memorable and distinctive in the competitive market.
  • Adaptability: The clear and simple design ensures that the logo is versatile and can be used across various platforms and mediums.

Cultural and Historical Resonance:

  • National Pride: By embracing the national colors, the logo resonates with local culture and history, making it not just a corporate emblem but a symbol of national identity in the global aviation space.

Fly Pro: Brand overview

Founded: 2016
Chișinău, Moldova

Established in 2016 by native entrepreneurs, Fly Pro is an airline rooted in Chișinău, the capital city of Moldova. The primary ambition of the airline was to introduce affordable air travel within Moldova and neighboring Eastern European regions.

The acquisition of two Airbus A320 aircraft marked the commencement of Fly Pro’s flight operations. Upon receiving its air operator’s certificate, Fly Pro initiated its scheduled services on November 30, 2016. The initial launch included routes that connected Chisinau with several major cities such as Kyiv, Moscow, St Petersburg, and Tel Aviv.

By 2018, Fly Pro had catered to over 250,000 passengers, flying them across its range of routes. The airline intends to increase its services to encompass more European cities while expanding its fleet.

Fly Pro has encountered several financial hurdles along its journey and has required recapitalization to sustain operations. Nevertheless, it remains steadfast in its mission to emerge as Moldova’s premier budget airline and make air travel a more affordable option for its citizens.

As of 2022, Fly Pro maintains its operations, offering flights from its base at Chișinău International Airport.

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