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Fly Pro: Brand overview

Fly Pro Airlines, founded in 2016 by domestic entrepreneurs, is based in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The main goal of the airline’s creation was to introduce affordable air transportation within Moldova and neighboring regions of Eastern Europe.

The purchase of two Airbus A320 airplanes marked the beginning of Fly Pro flights. Having obtained an Operator’s Certificate, Fly Pro started operating scheduled flights on November 30, 2016. In the initial stage, routes connecting Chisinau with several major cities such as Kyiv, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Tel Aviv were launched.

By 2018, Fly Pro had served more than 250,000 passengers by flying all routes. The airline plans to expand its services to more European cities and increase its fleet.

Fly Pro has faced a number of financial difficulties along the way and required recapitalization to sustain operations. Nevertheless, the company remains committed to its mission of becoming Moldova’s leading low-cost airline and making air transportation more affordable for Moldovan citizens.

As of 2022, Fly Pro continues to operate flights from Chisinau International Airport.

Meaning and History

Fly Pro Logo History

What is Fly Pro?

It was a Moldovan airline based in Chișinău, notable for its unique business model. The company specializes in charter flights and wet leasing (leasing aircraft with crew), providing services to other airlines in Europe and the Middle East. The carrier operated a small fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft and was known for its flexibility in meeting customer needs.

2016 – today

Fly Pro Logo

Fly Pro is based at Chisinau Airport, so its logo is in the colors of the Moldovan flag: yellow, red, and blue. The yellow color is used for the trapezoid, which is part of the tail feather of the aircraft. The first word, “fly,” is written in lowercase letters and colored blue. In red, the designers have highlighted the capital lettering “PRO” and a stylized bird to the right of the airline’s name. The bird’s silhouette is formed by wavy stripes, symbolizing hot air heated by the aircraft engine.

The choice of colors of the Moldovan flag establishes a clear connection to the company’s geographic base, potentially evoking a sense of national pride. The trapezoid representing the tail feathers is directly related to aviation, and the stylized bird adds dynamism to the logo, creating a sense of movement and freedom. The wavy stripes forming the bird also carry additional meaning, indicating the engine power and technological aspects of aviation.