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The Ford Bronco logo is filled with wild freedom, independence, and untamed power. The emblem conveys the vehicle’s ability to speed off-road as if on a highway. It embodies the competitive spirit and unbeatable determination that has made this brand’s cars leaders.

Ford Bronco: Brand overview

The Ford Bronco debuted in 1966, stepping into the spotlight as a direct competitor to the popular Jeep CJ. The first generation Bronco was a compact SUV with rugged body-on-frame construction featuring removable doors and a fold-down windshield reminiscent of military jeeps.

In 1978, the second-generation Bronco hit the market. It offered a larger, more comfortable ride while maintaining its durable frame and off-road prowess. Buyers could choose from various body styles, including a hardtop, removable top, and pickup configuration.

The 1980 release of the third generation transformed the Bronco into a full-size SUV built on the F-150 pickup platform. It boasted a spacious interior and more powerful engine options, including a 5.8-liter V8, enhancing its performance and appeal.

During the 1990s, the Bronco vied with the Chevrolet K5 Blazer, even offering a luxury Eddie Bauer edition. However, dwindling sales led to the Bronco’s discontinuation in 1996.

In 2020, after a long hiatus, Ford revived the iconic Bronco. The sixth generation Bronco is a compact SUV, drawing inspiration from the original 1960s model. It features a retro design, a removable roof, and an array of advanced off-road technologies.

The new Bronco comes in several versions, with two- or four-door configurations and various EcoBoost gasoline engines. There is also an extreme Bronco Raptor edition. Modern off-road systems, such as Trail Control and multiple drive modes, make the new Bronco a top contender for off-road capability.

Meaning and History

Ford Bronco Logo History

Before 2020

Ford Bronco Logo before 2020

The first Ford Bronco emblem, released before 2020, features an image of a bucking horse. “Bronco” is associated with North American semi-wilded animals, highlighting natural strength and independence. This choice of name and image symbolizes grace, speed, and freedom, reflecting the brand’s philosophy. Vehicles in this line had compact sizes, allowing them to move easily and quickly through the toughest terrains. The small size of the animal image and the thin letters of the name emphasized the simplicity and efficiency of the model, making the Ford Bronco an ideal choice for adventure enthusiasts and those with an active lifestyle.

2020 – today

Ford Bronco Logo

The emblem of the sixth-generation SUV saw significant improvements in its design elements. While the first emblem featured a small horse resembling a donkey, the new image appears stronger. A full mane, slightly open mouth ready to neigh, and a deep black color transformed the unimpressive half-breed into an untamed thoroughbred. Two visible hind legs symbolize readiness to kick competitors, confirmed during testing in the Baja 1000 race.

The company offered two construction options and seven equipment levels, significantly improving the product. These innovations provided customers with more choices to suit their needs and preferences.

Bold geometric black letters on the emblem demonstrate the turbo engine’s power while maintaining the model’s compactness. This approach emphasizes the balance between power and practicality, an essential characteristic of the brand’s vehicles.