FOREO: Brand overview

Emerging from the creative world of Stockholm, Sweden, FOREO was conceived and brought to life by Filip Sedich in 2013. That same year, the company launched the FOREO Luna facial cleansing brush, which created a sensation in the world of beauty technology. This pioneering silicone brush, equipped with pulsing technology, promised users a deep skin cleansing experience.

Taking a cue from Luna, FOREO went on an innovative journey in the following years, creating a range of silicone facial brushes to suit different skincare needs. In 2017, FOREO went beyond skin care and debuted the ISSA Toothbrush in the oral care space. Featuring unique silicone bristles, the ISSA toothbrush demonstrated the company’s commitment to innovation in the personal care segment.

But the story doesn’t end there; FOREO’s research has expanded into areas such as hair removal, avant-garde light therapy masks, and soothing eye massagers. By the end of 2019, the company had reached the impressive milestone of more than 15 million devices sold worldwide. To meet the growing demand, FOREO has opened offices in key regions such as the US and Asia Pacific.

Central to FOREO’s success is its unwavering commitment to inventive product design, rigorous clinical research, and dynamic marketing strategies, particularly through social media and influencer partnerships. Currently, FOREO’s diverse oral and facial care products can be found online and on retail store shelves in more than 50 countries. Today, the company continues to stay ahead of the curve and define boundaries in the cosmetic technology industry.

Meaning and History

FOREO Logo History

What is FOREO?

Founded in 2013, FOREO, a Swedish company, develops and manufactures innovative skincare devices that have revolutionized the beauty industry by offering simple and effective solutions to achieve healthy and glowing skin. FOREO skin care devices utilize a revolutionary combination of T-Sonic pulsations and flexible silicone bristles that have changed the way skin is cleansed.

2013 – today


The FOREO logo has one unique feature that makes it easily recognizable. The attention is drawn to the letter “R,” which has almost no horizontal connection between its parts. Nevertheless, it remains recognizable, as the designers kept the central curve on the left side. The rest of the glyphs have a classic look. They consist of thin, dark gray lines and are characterized by strict geometry; that is, they have even edges and smooth curves. Because of the equal length of the strokes, the letter “F” looks like an “E” without the lower element.

The letter “R” in the logo is reminiscent of that cool kid in class who doesn’t follow the rules but gets along with everyone. The dark gray color is reminiscent of a uniform saying, “We’re serious, but not too serious.” The equal length of the strokes in the letters “F” and “E” is reminiscent of a funny trick, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

FOREO color codes

MarengoHex color:#445765
RGB:68 87 101
CMYK:33 14 0 60
Pantone:PMS 7545 C