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The theme of medical services this company provides is directly reflected in its logo. The Fortis logo is permeated with an atmosphere of attention, kindness, and cordiality, as it is based on emotional outbursts and positive attitudes. The stylistics of the logo dispose to trust and kindness. Soft strokes, smooth transitions between glyphs, and the classic image of caring for one’s neighbors contribute to this.

Fortis: Brand overview

Gurgaon, India
Fortis Healthcare Limited specializes in high-quality medical services. Hospitals and diagnostic centers of this company operate in many localities because it owns a whole network of healthcare organizations. But the most important institution is located in the Indian city of Gurgaon. It is called Fortis Memorial Research Institute and is used as the headquarters.

Meaning and History

Fortis Logo History

The first Fortis hospital was opened in the city of Mohali in 2001. However, the brand itself appeared even earlier – in 1996, when Dr. Parvinder Singh registered it. Gradually, the network has grown to several dozen medical and diagnostic institutions in the United Arab Emirates, India, and the island of Sri Lanka. They have managed to set high standards of medical care because these are ultra-modern centers equipped with high-tech equipment. The doctors who work there deal with the most serious diseases and perform complex surgical operations.

Fortis has a special place in the Indian healthcare system. Her hospitals have received many awards and prizes. Their number is growing yearly because the network continues to expand. At the same time, all medical institutions united by one brand can be recognized by a common identity.

What is Fortis?

Fortis is an Indian healthcare company serving clients all over the world. She owns a network of medical institutions, including hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostic centers. At the same time, the organization is part of the international group IHH Healthcare Berhad.

Fortis Symbol

Fortis Healthcare Limited’s signature color is green, a rich shade close to Chateau Green (#04AA53). It is also used in the company logo: there, it is combined with white and red. The word sign is completely green. This is the word “Fortis”, which contains letters in different case: capital “F” and lowercase “o”, “r”, “t”, “i”, “s”. It is noteworthy that the distance between the glyphs is very small. The middle “r,” “t,” and “i” even merge into each other due to the elongated horizontal “t” stroke.

The structure of the logo also includes a symbolic image of two hands raised to the sky. They look like two mirror-symmetrical figures and consist of triangles and trapeziums folded together. But the hands are not the only thing hidden in the Fortis graphic sign. If you look closely, it becomes noticeable that the negative space between them resembles the silhouette of a person. In the place where the head should be, there is a red circle. This element can also symbolize the sun.

The Fortis emblem reflects the core values ​​of this brand. These include high-quality service, patient care, strict medical ethics, and maximum trust. Raised hands manifest openness, humanity, care, and compassion. And the red circle towards which they are drawn represents the sun – a source of warmth, joy, vitality, and energy. At the same time, it references the Indian roots of the hospital network because the red dot on the forehead is an important attribute of Indian culture.

Font and Colors

Fortis Emblem

Designers originally designed the name Fortis, making the inscription half-fused. As a result, the “r,” “t,” and “i” standing next to each other are connected by one horizontal strip, and the remaining letters are located very close to each other. A notable feature of the font is the identical oblique cuts at the bottom of the glyphs: only the rounded “o” and “s” do not have them.

The logo’s colors are symbolic, like everything else in Indian culture. Red is a reflection of courage, spirituality, and energy. Green is the personification of health, care, life, and renewal. And white, in turn, represents peace and purity.

Fortis color codes

Pigment GreenHex color:#07a954
RGB:7 169 84
CMYK:96 0 50 34
Pantone:PMS 354 C
Imperial RedHex color:#e73034
RGB:231 48 52
CMYK:0 79 77 9
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C