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The desire to stand out from the competition became the basis for forming the visual identity of Foster beer. The Foster logo is distinguished by conciseness and brightness of color. The informality of the execution of the informative symbol ensured brand recognition.

Foster: Brand overview

Founded:February 1889
Founder:William M. and Ralph R. Foster
Foster is a beer brand founded by William and Ralph Fosters in Melbourne, Australia, in 1888. It is owned by AB InBev, an international brewing group. It is licensed in several countries, including the largest market in the UK, where Heineken International owns European trademark rights.

Meaning and History

Foster Logo History

The Foster logo is a great example of using contrasting colors. The brand’s color palette includes iconic blue, gold, and bright red.

The recognizable red “F” brand is in the golden circle. The serrated “F” symbol has slanting crosses and a white outline.

After the last alteration, the word “Melbourne” appears inside the circle and in other places of packaging.

The brand strives to stand out better on shelves, and Foster has effectively used the large “F” underlined on the main label of the bottle and the neck so that it can be easily recognized from afar.

The Foster logo is modern and vibrant, with an informal and informative personality. It has a symbolic representation, and you can innovate using only the most important for your brand – a strong circle of personality.

What is Foster?

Foster is the unofficial name of Foster’s Lager brand, under which light beer is produced. Globally, it is the best-selling beer brand in Australia, while it is not in great demand at home. The brand is owned by Carlton & United Breweries, owned since 2020 by Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. of Japan.

1889 – 2001

Foster's Logo 1889

The early logo of the beer brand Foster’s set the tone for everything that followed. It contained a red letter, “F,” which was outlined in a white contour of uneven width and was in a dark blue oval. This oval acted as an intra-letter space for a large yellow “O,” which, in turn, served as a decorative frame for the “F.” The “O” shape was not perfect: too wide bulges on the right and left were combined with thin lines at the top and bottom. Under the symbol was a white inscription “FOSTER’S” with clearly visible serifs. The spacing between some glyphs was so narrow that they merged. A huge dark blue rectangle stretched vertically was used as a general background.

2001 – 2010

Foster's Logo 2001

After the redesign, the “O” sides are even wider, and the curves are no longer as smooth as before. This made it possible to increase the intra-letter gap and the red “F” located there. In turn, the lower inscription “FOSTER’S” was reduced so that its length visually corresponded to the size of “O.” The quadrangular base has acquired a square shape. But the colors have changed the most: designers have made navy blue lighter and dustier, red darker, and yellow paler.

2010 – 2017

Foster's Logo 2010

In 2010, a new visual identity for Foster’s brand was introduced. This happened a year before the SABMiller conglomerate bought the product line. The redesign can be called radical, as familiar elements have taken on an unusual three-dimensional look, more premium and emphasizing the Australian heritage of the brand. The logo showed warmth, ease, informality, and joy. With a bright yellow gradient, white highlights, and orange splashes, the “O” looks like the sun, which is associated with light, progress, and positivity.

Without the square base, the “O” became a real golden medallion. At the same time, its shape was adjusted so that there were no disproportionate protruding sides. The inner blue oval has become brighter. The red “F” has acquired a rich crimson hue and a white outline that is uniform in thickness. The new logo was created by BrandMe studio designers led by creative director John Wynne. It began to be used in 2010 on all bottles, cans, branded glasses, and secondary packaging.

2017 – today

Foster's Logo

In the spring of 2017, Foster’s beer received a modern emblem. This results from collaborating with VBAT, a branding agency based in Amsterdam. Nothing is left of the “O” – only a narrow yellow stripe along the edge, slightly expanding at the top and bottom. Her warm orange-honey gradient looks fresh and positive. Most of the logo is occupied by a dark blue circle of irregular shape, with an “F.” The letter is noticeably enlarged and seems voluminous due to the “ribbed” surface formed by different shades of red. To the left of it is the light blue word “MELBOURNE,” and to the right is “ESTD. 1888”. They are set sideways and separated from the “F” by long thin arcs.

Font and Colors

The new logo features the recognizable “F” with serifs, but the letter has been redrawn in this version. Its ends on the right side are inclined at the same angle, which creates a visual effect of movement. The rest of the inscriptions are not so noticeable because they use a completely different font: thin, small, sans serifs.

Foster’s classic color palette: red, blue, and gold. It has survived even after several decades, but now the shades are more saturated and glossy. Yellow is similar to the amber color of beer, associated with freshness and sunlight. Due to the light gradient, the emblem seems voluminous. And the thin white contours around the “F” and the silver frame of the medallion dilute the overall brightness.

Foster color codes

YellowHex color:#ffd400
RGB:255 212 0
CMYK:0 17 100 0
Pantone:PMS 187 C
Dark ceruleanHex color:#004785
RGB:0 71 133
CMYK:100 47 0 48
Pantone:PMS 2945 C
JasperHex color:#e4414b
RGB:228 65 75
CMYK:0 71 67 11
Pantone:PMS Red 032 C

What does the Foster logo mean?

The Foster logo is stylized as a standard alcoholic beverage label. The red F stands for the brand’s name, while the yellow ring around it represents the letter O and light beer. You have to see the shape of the ring: its uneven thickness creates a 3D effect as if the logo is put on a protruding object, like a can or a bottle.

What does Foster say about symbols?

Professor Thomas C. Foster has written several books on literature. In many of them, he reflects on symbols and how they should be interpreted. Here’s what he said about it: “Symbols normally aren’t lying on the surface of the novel; you have to look for it.

What is the font of the Foster logo?

The font of the first logo is called Foster’s. It was created in 1989 by typographer Adrian Williams for The Quite Extraordinary Design Partnership, who did the branding for Foster’s Lager. The developer adapted the text for printing labels on aluminum cans and promotional materials. In 2017, the letters took on a new, more elongated shape. The serifs remain but are sharper.