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The Fox Racing logo, like an unusual and textured leather jacket, gives the user an idea of ​​the company’s direction. Stylish clothing for motorcyclists creates a special image of athletes and allows motocross fans to stand out from the crowd.

Fox Racing: Brand overview

Founder:Vista Outdoor
Irvine, California, U.S.

Fox Racing is a trademark of Fox Head Inc., which manufactures motocross equipment. It develops the extreme sports apparel industry with an impressive selection of shoes, jackets, gloves, pants, jerseys, helmets, vests, and various accessories. The assortment includes both fashionable and practical things because the brand’s target audience covers several segments of the population – from active youth to professional athletes.

Fox Racing was founded in 1974, but then it had a completely different name: Moto-X Fox. It was founded by Geoff Fox, a respected physics professor and exemplary family man with a passion for motocross. He got introduced to off-road driving when he was a student, and on this basis, became close to Ian MacLachlan. Friends rode motorcycles together and then decided to open their own business associated with a common hobby. They had no money other than Geoff’s teaching salary. Despite this, they created a dealership, where they began to sell motorcycles, parts and provide service.

Geoff was creative. He knew that the popular Czechoslovak brand CZ did not have instructions in English, so he disassembled the new motorcycle model, photographed every detail, and made step-by-step instructions. The manual he created was 150 pages long, but its price tag was symbolic. When Geoff sold all the copies to CZ, he realized that it was possible to order parts by mail. However, Ian MacLachlan was against the new idea.

After the business split, Geoff consulted with his wife and bought a warehouse to store parts there. And in 1974, he registered the Moto-X Fox brand and began selling motorcycle parts by mail. In 1975, the first version of the famous Fox symbol appeared: an orange fox head in a circle. It cost the owner of the company a record $ 300 at the time, although initially, Geoff did not plan to acquire a logo. The entrepreneur did not understand why he needed this until he came under the influence of an advertising agency.

Meaning and History

Fox Racing Logo History

The original design was by Bob Baptiste. His work turned out to be so successful that it has come down to our times practically unchanged. The only difference is that in the modern logo, the fox’s head is black and white and uneven as reflected in the water. Despite minor modifications, the brand name remains recognizable and iconic. It is called the best investment in the motocross industry.

Everything the company did immediately attracted attention. In 1977, she formed her racing team and adorned the gear with the fox head logo. The next day, people started calling Geoff Fox, asking where they could buy the same clothes. The brand’s owner jumped at the chance and expanded the range by adding a complete motocross gear set. He began to develop this direction actively. In 1982, an advertisement for the new AXO boots was released, where the logo looked like red lettering “FOX” with a fox head instead of an “O.” This badge defined the manufacturer’s identity for the next 30 years.

The modern symbol is more minimalistic. First, it is black, with white space inside (it can be any color depending on the background, but white is the priority). Second, the word “FOX” is on the left and separated from the fox head, now on the right side.

Fox was chosen as the company’s mascot because its founder was named Geoff Fox. The motocross equipment manufacturer’s emblem looks like a carnival mask, despite its rather dark design. The imbalance of proportions, the absence of eyes, a pointed nose, and a wide line of eyebrows make the image mysterious and mystical. However, the head of the animal is slightly skewed to match the slope of the inscription.

The fox symbolizes courage, resourcefulness, and endurance. The designers have embodied in the logo her strategic qualities, the ability to quickly make the right decisions and find a way out of difficult situations, which is noticeable by her imperturbable sly squint. The fox is also associated with speed, the most important characteristic of motocross.

What is Fox Racing?

It is the trade name of a company that designs, manufactures, and markets extreme sports apparel – primarily off-road racing. The official name of the manufacturer is Fox Head Inc.


Fox Racing Old Logo

The author of the original Fox Racing logo is Bob Baptist of Los Gatos. He made interesting use of the company name inspired by the last name of its owner and creator Geoff Fox. The artist depicted the orange head of a fox, a cunning, fast, and aggressive animal, which corresponds to the spirit of extreme sports. The drawing looks abstract because it has distorted proportions of the nose. The head is inside a circle, symbolizing perfection and balance.

The “MOTO-X FOX” inscription at the top reflects the company’s connection to motocross because it first specialized in bicycle parts. Two long thin stripes underline the word combination. They represent the horizontal road surface and blend well with the capital bold sans serif font. The closest counterpart to this typeface is the Marbold Normal by Thomas E. Harvey.

1980s – 2000

Fox Racing Logo 1980s-2000

The logo, designed by Bob Baptist, has become one of the most recognizable marks in the motorsports industry. Pete Fox, son of Geoff, personally made minor changes to it. In the 1980s, a new version appeared with the lettering “FOX,” where an animal head replaced the center “O.” The drawing style remained the same abstract and minimalist. But now, the fox’s head is tilted to the right and slightly stretched horizontally. This creates an impression of movement and dynamism, as the brand is associated with an active lifestyle.

This emblem shape goes well with the italic, bold font used for the “F” and the “X.” The letters, too, are slanted to the right, and their elongated rectangular serifs appear to slide. The image and lettering are layered because several black-and-white outlines surround them.

2000 – today

Fox Racing Logo

A sportswear and equipment manufacturer is experimenting with its logo, changing the style and arrangement of elements. So the fox’s head turned out to be on the right side of the brand name. In this version, it is white, and its outer contour and eyes are outlined with black lines. The usual slant is preserved, but the right side of the image is slightly elevated, which gives the impression of the head smoothly floating up. The word “FOX” consists of capital glyphs in black. It is a typeface that evokes a sense of movement and permanence simultaneously. Dynamics can be traced in the letter “F,” where the ends of the horizontal lines are cut at an angle of around 45 degrees. The “O,” on the other hand, seems stable due to its quadrangular shape.

2022 – today

Fox Racing Logo 2022-present

This version differs from most other Fox Racing logos because the head of the animal is not sloped but flat here. But this did not affect the style of the pattern: it is still abstract and resembles a frightening mask. In the black silhouette with white gaps in place of the eyes, it is difficult to recognize a fox’s head. The disproportionate long nose, the protruding fur, and the downward pointing stripes under the eyes look like paint drips. Nevertheless, this image is the closest to the original created by graphic artist Bob Baptist.

The word “FOX” is now on the right and consists of straight uppercase letters. The oval “O” and the bold sans serif “F” look standard, but the “X” does not. It resembles an element of barbed wire – four spikes and the place where they are connected. A similar glyph can be seen in the Egon Sans Cond Bold font by TipografiaRamis.

Fox Racing: Interesting Facts

Fox Racing, often known just as Fox, is a top name in motocross apparel, known for making high-quality gear, clothes, and accessories for motocross and mountain biking fans. Starting in 1974 as a small family business, it’s now a worldwide brand in action sports.

  1. Beginning: Geoff Fox, a physics professor, started Fox Racing in California in 1974, first selling European motocross parts.
  2. Making Gear: By 1977, Fox began making its motocross gear, which became loved for its quality and toughness.
  3. Fox Head Logo: The Fox Head logo is well-known in action sports. It stands for innovation and quality and is a symbol for motocross lovers everywhere.
  4. Team Fox Racing: Geoff Fox also created a motocross team that wore Fox gear and showed off its abilities by winning races. This helped make Fox’s name in motocross.
  5. More than Motocross: Although motocross is Fox’s main focus, It also makes gear for mountain biking, BMX, and surfing, adjusting its products to each sport’s needs.
  6. Leading in Safety: Fox leads in safety and performance, creating protective gear like the Fox Airframe chest protector and Pilot motocross helmets that have become industry standards.
  7. Worldwide Brand: Starting in California, Fox Racing has grown globally and is now known in over 50 countries as a symbol of youth lifestyle and top motocross gear.
  8. Supporting Athletes: Fox sponsors professional athletes and teams in motocross and mountain biking, strengthening its reputation as a performance gear leader.
  9. Family Involvement: Even with its big growth, the Fox family is still involved, keeping true to the brand’s roots and dedication to the motocross and action sports communities.

From its start as a small parts distributor to becoming a global action sports icon, Fox Racing’s commitment to quality, innovation, and performance shines through. It continues to inspire and support athletes at all competition levels.

Font and Colors

Fox Racing Emblem

The Fox Racing wordmark uses only the first part of the name: “FOX.” It looks monolithic because the letters are capitalized and interconnected. “F” and “O” merge at the top, and “O” and “X” at the bottom. The font is bold, slightly oblique. All strokes have the same thickness. The ends of the horizontal lines “F” are cut at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. The “O” is shaped like a parallelogram. The color is as brutal as the typography: the main version of the logo is completely black, with white gaps.

Fox Racing color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does the Fox logo mean?

The fox head logo is an illustration of the company name. At the same time, this animal symbolizes wisdom, cunning, skill, and strength.

Who is sponsored by Fox Racing?

Fox Racing sponsors many athletes. These include BMX stars, professional wakeboarders, mountain bikers, surfers, motocross riders.

What brand has a Fox head logo?

The fox head is featured on the logos of many brands—for example, Fox Racing, Black Foxes of Rugby League, Copper Fox.

Where is Fox Racing from?

The company is headquartered in Irvine, California, USA.