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The Free logo belongs to the informative and easy-to-remember identity systems among users. The French telecommunication brand reflects in its visualization its history, its goal to provide specialized services to the public, and the leading position as the No.1 provider in Europe.

Free: Brand overview

Founded: 24 July 2007
Founder: Xavier Niel
Paris, France
Free is a French telecommunications network, the second-largest provider in the country, and a subsidiary of the Iliad. The latter means that it was founded by her to provide specialized services to the general population. Her professional interests include fixed and mobile communications, distribution of prepaid phone cards, and provision of Internet access. It was founded in 1999. The head office is located in Paris, where Xavier Niel established the company.

Meaning and History

Free Symbol

This brand has a long history associated with the opening of various services, attempts to buy competing firms, mergers, and expansions. As a result, the vigorous activity of the company led to the fact that it took a high place in the French rating of operators of various types of communication. While in other statuses, the service has not lost its visual identity, remaining faithful to the only logo received at the beginning of its career.

Today this organization is a provider of Internet users from thirty countries of the world. Moreover, she was the first in France to launch the “triple play” service, offering her own Freebox set-top box. An excellent marketing ploy contributed to the rapid recognition of the company due to the demand for its packages. In particular, they include digital TV, telephony, and high-speed Internet. Thanks to this thoughtful step, the operator has become the number one international IPTV provider. Today its logo is well recognized in the world market.

What is Free?

It is a French telecommunications company. It is engaged in providing voice, television, and Internet services, being the second-largest ISP in the country. Its head office is located in Paris. The operator appeared in 1999.

Font and Colors

Free Emblem

The company’s symbols are mostly textual. It consists of a single word – the full brand name. Lowercase letters are written in italics and have a 3D effect. It is formed by the shadows on the right side of each letter. Moreover, the darkening transition is gradient and includes a palette from light gray to almost black. This graphic technique slightly “raised” the inscription above the background. Thus, he made it a separate element that does not merge with the substrate but seems to be located parallel to it and “hangs” in space.

Surprisingly, the original design concept gave impetus to the marketing direction. The attractive emblem with unusual lettering emphasized the innovation and modernity of the telecommunications operator, so it remains relevant to this day. At the same time, the classic combination of red and white with a slight darkening testifies to the traditional line of development of the Free work.

The inscription, which, in fact, is the emblem, is made in lower case characters. The typeface is simple, italic, incoherent because each character is set apart from its neighbors. At the same time, “f” and “r” are not handwritten – they look like block letters tilted to the right. The first has a straight crossbar, the second has an even upper part and is directed with the open side to the right. The color scheme of the logo consists of deep red, white, two shades of gray, and muted black.

Free color codes

Pigment Red Hex color: #ef1720
RGB: 239 23 32
CMYK: 0 90 87 6
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C

How can I create a logo for free?

Yes, you can create a logo for free: • go to a specialized website; • enter the name and slogan into the logo generator; • choose a suitable layout from the library; • change at your discretion the font, color, design; • save the result.

How can I create a free logo on Google?

For this, you need: open the Chrome browser and go to the main page of the Google service; click on Custom Logo at the top; choose a suitable Google template; customize the design based on your preferences; upload files with the resulting logo.

How do you make a logo for your website?

There are two ways to create a logo for your website. The first is to order it from professionals. The second is to develop it yourself, using the services of free logo designers. To do this, you need to know exactly the desired design, shape, font, and color.

What is the best free logo maker?

The list includes several specialized internet services: Tailor Brands, Canva, Wix, Hatchful, Ucraft, DesignEvo, MarkMaker, etc. They offer a list of free templates that you can change and combine to your liking.