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Freedom: Brand overview

Emerging in the late 1990s in London, England, Freedom began its journey as an independent cosmetics brand. It was dedicated to fostering creativity and self-expression through makeup. It launched a collection of vibrant lipsticks and eyeshadows in deeply pigmented colors, encouraging individuals to explore diverse beauty explorations.

As the new millennium unfolded, Freedom ventured into complexion cosmetics, adding foundations and highlighters to its repertoire. The brand took a stand for inclusivity, offering a broad spectrum of shades and championing the celebration of diverse beauty. By 2010, the brand’s products had secured their place on the shelves of major UK retailers such as Boots, Superdrug, and Debenhams. Freedom’s reputation for high-quality formulas and collections that mirrored current trends fueled its increasing popularity.

In 2015, Freedom’s trajectory was significantly influenced by its acquisition by the distinguished TamBeauty Group, opening doors for the brand to extend its reach to a global consumer base. Nevertheless, Freedom stayed true to its core ethos of promoting individuality and self-expression through makeup. In keeping with its innovative spirit, the brand regularly partnered with influencers, celebrities, and designers to introduce unique, limited-edition collections. Also, it broadened its product offering to include skincare and body care items.

Freedom stands tall with flagship stores in fashion-forward cities, including London, Paris, and New York. The brand remains unyieldingly devoted to inspiring individuals to embrace makeup as a form of self-expression, artistry, and self-care, encouraging people to explore their unique identities through their beauty choices.

What is Freedom?

Freedom, the distinguished British cosmetics label, empowers individuals to manifest their authentic selves and honor their unique beauty. Being a part of the esteemed TamBeauty Group, Freedom offers a wide array of spectacular products for lips, eyes, and faces that suit everyone.

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