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The French Consulting Company logo means close support for the military. All the elements used in the logo bear witness to this. Therefore, it symbolizes constant contact with the military professions, approval of their activities, sympathy, and timely assistance. The stylish emblem represents the many areas in which the organization supports its charges and conveys the hope for a better future.

French Consulting Company: Brand overview

Founder:Benjamin P. French
The French Consulting Company provides service and support to US military personnel and their families who live overseas. Initially, this organization helped the military with employment in Germany but then expanded the scope of activities. Now it provides services in the management of medical facilities, equipment facilities, warehousing, and logistics, as well as in many other areas.

Meaning and History

French Consulting Company Symbol

French Consulting Company was founded in Germany in 2007 and has since established itself as a world leader in management consulting. And all thanks to the founder and owner of this international organization – Benjamin P. French. He served many years in the US Army, was involved in the awarding of contracts with the Department of Defense, held senior positions, and began to manage the business at BearingPoint after his retirement.

In 2007, Benjamin founded a consulting company and named it after himself – French Consulting. His main clients were US military personnel living in Europe and having difficulty finding employment. Therefore, the most suitable place for the headquarters from a strategic point of view was the German city of Sinsheim, where an American military base still operated at that time.

What is a French Consulting Company?

French Consulting Company is an international organization headquartered in Sinsheim (Germany) and Colorado Springs (USA). It provides consulting services to military and civilians who have traveled abroad. Its main areas of activity are logistics, medicine, and public services for the army.

The range of services has gradually expanded, so the French Consulting Company can now confidently position itself as a “bridge” connecting people and various organizations. This also includes assistance in overcoming cultural and language barriers, as the company’s employees are equally fluent in German and English. In addition, they have an excellent understanding of the tax and labor laws of many countries around the world to ensure that all rules are strictly observed.

The concept of “the bridge that leads to success” is reflected in the logo of the French Consulting Company. The artists depicted the road structure in a simplified form, making it look like a large arch. It’s essentially a 3D arc with a white to the gray gradient. Its near side is in the lower left corner, and the far end goes to the right. The background for the improvised bridge is two rectangles in white and blue. Judging by the gradient and the way the arch casts a shadow, there should be a light source somewhere to the left above it.

On the right is the black word “FRENCH,” and below it – “consulting.” The first half of the name is written in large black sans-serif letters. The second part is much smaller. It uses a lowercase font with rounded glyphs.

The arch, depicted against the background of two rectangles, represents the same bridge that is mentioned in the company’s motto: “Your Bridge To Success.” It symbolizes reliability, interconnection, trust, help, and strong support. In this case, the consulting organization itself is the bridge because it helps people move toward their goals.

Font and Colors

French Consulting Company Emblem

The creators of the French Consulting Company logo decided to diversify the inscription, so they used two different fonts. The typeface of the first word is very similar to HVD Fonts’ Brandon Text Black but has a more elongated shape. Both are bold and grotesque with lots of angles. For “consulting,” the designers chose a font identical to Flyerzone’s SciFly Sans. It is characterized by rounded glyphs and a recognizable lowercase “g” with its tail cut off.

The black color of the inscriptions blends harmoniously with the white-gray gradient of the bridge. The only bright spot is a large blue rectangle that serves as a background for one of the emblem fragments.

French Consulting Company color codes

Raisin BlackHex color:#232021
RGB:35 32 33
CMYK:0 9 6 86
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C
BlueHex color:#0089b0
RGB:0 137 176
CMYK:100 22 0 31
Pantone:PMS 632 C