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Communication over long distances is not a problem for the operator – the Frontier Communications logo guarantees. The elements reflect the quality and accuracy of signal transmission even from the most distant points. The emblem encodes energy, activity, and love for users.

Frontier Communications: Brand overview

Founded: 1935
Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.
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Frontier Communications is a US telecommunications operator offering a wide range of services. He is engaged in telephone communications (local, long-distance, digital), Internet access (wireless and fiber optic), television (satellite and cable). Previously, the company only covered the countryside, but now cities are also on the list of its subscribers because it operates in 29 states. The service appeared in 1995. Its headquarters are in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Meaning and History

Frontier Communications Logo History

The foundation of the modern service was laid by the Public Utilities Consolidated Corporation, which appeared in Minneapolis in 1935 and belonged to Wilbur B. Foshay. Citizens Utilities was created on its remains, later renamed Citizens Communications Company. With this name, it existed until 2008, until it received a new one – Frontier Communications Corporation. This event took place in the spring of 2008 at the annual meeting of shareholders. The adopted decision officially entered into force in the summer of the same year. The telecommunications operator owns several subsidiaries, which are grouped by type of service.

The active expansion of the service began in 1993 when it began acquiring access lines in rural areas. The first subscribers were connected to four states: Idaho, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Utah. In 1994, wide expansion continued, and the company added several hundred thousand lines to its structure. The last attempt to buy was in 2001, but it was unsuccessful because Citizens did not want to close the deal. Then the telecom operator focused on service. However, in the spring of 2020, it crashed and filed for bankruptcy.

1995 – 2016

Frontier Communications Logo 1995-2016

A new name is presented on the corporate emblem, decorated originally. From the dots on the letters “f” and “i,” a narrowing strip is laid: on the right side, it is wide, and on the left – sharp, like a needle. Such a line personifies the connection – cable, satellite, wave, and wired. Points are the source and destination of the signal.

A unique typeface was used for the inscription – with cuts in the upper part. Horizontally elongated strokes look very impressive and stylish. Moreover, some symbols are connected and form the original configuration. For example, the crossbar of the lowercase oblique “f” flows smoothly into the upper part of the “r,” and the horizontal dash “t” forms a bunch with the “i.” Below the bottom in the interval between “r” and “m” is the word “Communications.” It is dyed gray, and the Frontier is crimson.

2016 – today

Frontier Communications Logo 2016-present

The developers have changed the font and logo design. Now he has become more businesslike. The characters are strict, classic: capital “F,” all other lowercase. “Communications” is enlarged and in uppercase. She, as before, is made with thin lines. The authors removed the upper line from the word “Frontier” and added round dots along the same trajectory. They begin at “i” and then go to the left into the distance, gradually disappearing, and end at the first letter.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Frontier Communications Emblem

The predecessors of the telecommunications operator had their identity signs, so the history of the logo has been counted since 1995. As the identity changed, the font was corrected, and the rest was adjusted to it. The color also evolved: from crimson; it eventually became truly red.

Frontier Communications Symbol

The first emblem uses a custom font with long serifs at the top of the letters and an italic “f.” In the second case, the typeface is Graphie Bold with a slight correction of the uppercase “F.” The combination of red # d9272d and gray # 58595b was chosen for the color scheme.

Frontier Communications color codes

Scarlet Hex color: #ff0036
RGB: 255 0 54
CMYK: 0 100 79 0
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C