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The designers ensured that the Fuchs logo was visually slick, like the fine-tuned mechanism parts. After all, this company produces lubricants and anti-corrosives that keep different systems running. The emblem shows how effective the company’s products are and how they are infinitely improved.

Fuchs: Brand overview

Founder:Rudolf Fuchs
Mannheim, Germany
The German company Fuchs Petrolub SE appeared in 1931 but began its production only five years later. Since then, it has held a special place in the chemical industry because its research laboratories are constantly developing innovative products and technologies that are oriented toward customer requirements. It is now the world’s leading lubricant supplier and one of the few manufacturers to test all formulations for medical devices for cytotoxicity.

Meaning and History

Fuchs Symbol

Fuchs used to be called Rudolf Fuchs, after the man who founded it. She initially worked in the city of Mannheim – where the headquarters is now located. Its main purpose was to sell refined petroleum products obtained from Pennsylvania refineries. In 1936, the company launched its production of technical oils. After WW2, she went into growth and began to manufacture products for the German industry.

The internationalization of Fuchs began in 1968 when the company opened its first foreign offices. This happened after the death of its founder Rudolf Fuchs. In 1991, the manufacturer focused only on lubricants and related products. And three years later, the company adopted a new logo that united all its divisions because, by that time, it had become a large diversified group.

What is Fuchs?

Fuchs is a German manufacturer of lubricants for land and air transport, metalworking, construction, mining, and food industries. The range also includes anti-corrosion agents, hardening oils, and industrial cleaners.

Now the global company uses a multi-part logo in red and blue. Its structure includes several inscriptions, united by a common font – bold italic grotesque. All letters have been converted to uppercase to make them easier to see. On the left are three words that are lined up in a column: “LUBRICANTS,” “TECHNOLOGY,” and “PEOPLE.” Each of them is followed by a square dot. This punctuation mark can be interpreted as a symbol indicating the completeness of thought, confidence, conviction, and seriousness.

The words are right-aligned with a slight diagonal offset. They represent the motto of the company and its core values. LUBRICANTS is a reminder that lubricants are Fuchs’ core product. “TECHNOLOGY” is an allusion to the manufacturer’s own research and development. “PEOPLE” – confirmation of a client-oriented policy.

The entire right side of the logo is occupied by the word “FUCHS” in a ring of four red and blue half-arches. The company’s name is much larger than the rest of the inscriptions because the designers wanted to focus on it.

Two red and two blue stripes depicted around the word “FUCHS” are associated with flexibility, development, and smooth gliding. Their shape, pointed on one side and widened on the other, is filled with visual dynamics. The motive for movement is very important for a lubricant manufacturer because its products are designed to reduce friction between surfaces.

Font and Colors

Fuchs Emblem

All inscriptions in the Fuchs Petrolub SE logo consist of bold italic letters converted to uppercase. The shape of the glyphs and lack of serifs roughly resemble ParaType’s FreeSet Bold Italic, The Northern Block’s Gelder Sans Heavy Italic, and S-Core’s Core Sans N SC 75 ExtraBold Italic.

You can also recognize the emblem of a German company by its traditional colors. Designers combined white, blue (#004e9e) and red (#e3000f). The first one is used for the background, the second for the text and two long speed lines, and the third for the short stripes.

Fuchs color codes

BlueHex color:#004e9e
RGB:0 78 158
CMYK:100 51 0 38
Pantone:PMS 2945 C
RedHex color:#e3000f
RGB:227 0 15
CMYK:0 100 93 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C