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Futi: Brand overview

In 2008, Portuguese engineer Pedro Sereno laid the foundation of Futi in Lisbon with an ambitious goal of creating sustainable transportation solutions. Working diligently in his garage, in 2009, he created a rudimentary prototype of an electric vehicle that attracted the interest of venture capitalists in Portugal.

After receiving financial backing in 2010, Futi moved its production facilities to a leased production site where the team focused on its debut project, an electric city car called the Futi One. After a few years marked by Sereno’s relentless pursuit of perfection, the first model hit the market in 2015. Immediately receiving critical acclaim, it demonstrated the viability of new electric vehicle brands.

Encouraged by the success of the Futi One, the company expanded its production to Spain and France in an effort to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly options among Europe’s urban population. Between 2015 and 2020, Futi continued to grow, limiting production volumes in order to maintain exceptional quality and build a base of environmentally conscious drivers.

By 2021, Futi was ready to introduce its second vehicle, dubbed the Futi Neo. It featured extended battery life and was equipped with various luxury amenities. Today, Futi occupies a prominent position in the European independent electric vehicle sector as the epitome of progressive design and technological ingenuity in the field of eco-friendly vehicles.

Meaning and History

Futi Logo History

2009 – 2012

Futi Logo 2009

2012 – today

Futi Logo

As Futi is a manufacturer of electric vehicles, its emblem depicts an electric plug and socket. The plug is represented as a structure of blue polygons with rounded edges, while the socket is a white circle with a green outline. The word “futi”, located on the right, is written in lowercase letters in a unique font. The elongated tip of the letter “f” overhangs the letter “u,” causing the right side of the second letter to be longer than the left. The letter “t” also has distorted proportions and is missing part of the horizontal stroke.

The emblem’s emphasis on the electric plug and socket directly indicates the company’s specialization – electric cars. The choice of colors – blue, white, and green – is associated with sustainability, which is an important factor in the electric vehicle market. The use of a distinctive font for the word “futi” contributes to instant brand recognition. Artistic changes to the letters “f” and “t” add uniqueness to the overall design.