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The Futi logo indicates that it represents an electric car. The images and symbols connect the emblem with movement and electricity. The logo embodies technical perfection and environmental care.

Futi: Brand overview

In 2008, Portuguese engineer Pedro Sereno laid the foundation of Futi in Lisbon to create sustainable transportation solutions. Working diligently in his garage, he created a rudimentary prototype of an electric vehicle in 2009 that attracted the interest of venture capitalists in Portugal.

After receiving financial backing in 2010, Futi moved its facilities to a leased production site where the team focused on its debut project, an electric city car called the Futi One. After a few years marked by Sereno’s relentless pursuit of perfection, the first model hit the market in 2015. Immediately receiving critical acclaim, it demonstrated the viability of new electric vehicle brands.

Encouraged by the success of the Futi One, the company expanded its production to Spain and France to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly options among Europe’s urban population. Between 2015 and 2020, Futi continued to grow, limiting production volumes to maintain exceptional quality and build a base of environmentally conscious drivers.

By 2021, Futi was ready to introduce its second vehicle, the Futi Neo. It featured extended battery life and was equipped with various luxury amenities. Today, Futi occupies a prominent position in the European independent electric vehicle sector as the epitome of progressive design and technological ingenuity in eco-friendly vehicles.

Meaning and History

Futi Logo History

2009 – 2012

Futi Logo 2009

Futi, established in 2009, has a unique logo representing a connection to an energy source. The logo, shaped like an oval, resembles a car ready for charging and moving forward. This oval symbolizes harmony and a storage tank for “fuel,” representing the company’s balanced growth.

The black letters in the logo are shaped like wires, representing technological superiority and energy. The sans-serif font, with uniform thickness, reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and modern solutions. The company stands for Future Utility Technologies Innovation, emphasizing its mission to create new, more advanced machines.

The Futi logo embodies the idea of constant forward movement and development. It reflects the drive to create innovative, high-tech products that redefine the future of automobiles.

2012 – today

Futi Logo

The Futi logo, representing a manufacturer of electric vehicles, features a distinctive and meaningful emblem. At the logo’s center, an electric plug and socket symbolize the company’s focus on electric cars. The plug, made from blue polygons with rounded edges, looks modern and sleek. The socket is a white circle outlined in green, creating a clear visual contrast.

Next to the emblem, the brand name “futi” is displayed in lowercase letters using a unique font. This font choice makes the logo easily recognizable and distinct from competitors. The letter “f” stands out with its elongated tip extending over the “u,” creating an interesting design element. The right side of the “u” is longer than the left, adding visual intrigue. The “t” has a distorted proportion with a missing part of the horizontal stroke, highlighting the brand’s innovative approach.

The emphasis on the electric plug and socket communicates the company’s specialization in electric vehicles. The choice of colors – blue, white, and green – reinforces the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Blue symbolizes technology and innovation, white represents cleanliness and simplicity, and green signifies environmental friendliness.

The distinctive font used for “futi” plays a key role in brand recognition. The artistic modifications to the letters “f” and “t” add a unique flair, making the logo memorable and visually engaging. These design choices reflect the company’s innovative spirit and dedication to standing out in the electric vehicle market.