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Gainward: Brand overview

Based in Taiwan, Gainward is a well-known manufacturer specializing in graphics cards and computer hardware. Since its establishment in 1989, the company has been based in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, where it manages its operations.

In the past, Gainward was the sole distribution partner for NVIDIA graphics cards in the EMEA markets. Gainward’s current product lineup is diversified and includes NVIDIA and AMD-based graphics cards for desktop and laptop computers.

Gainward’s prominent product lines are the Phantom, Golden Sample, and Phoenix branded graphics cards. Gainward also manufactures motherboards, portable storage devices, and power supplies.

The company is known as a manufacturer of high-end graphics cards that meet the high demands of gaming enthusiasts. A distinctive feature of Gainward’s products is its proprietary Phantom cooling systems, which include fans and powerful heatsinks to ensure optimal performance.

In 2017, Chinese computer hardware company Palit Microsystems acquired Gainward. However, Gainward continues to operate independently with offices in Taiwan, Germany, and China and provides worldwide sales through retail channels.

The market for add-on graphics cards is a competitive one, with formidable rivals such as ASUS, MSI, Zotac, and Gigabyte. However, Gainward continues to hold its position due to its unique offerings and established brand reputation.

Meaning and History

Gainward Logo History

What is Gainward?

Since its founding in 1984 by the PALIT Group, Gainward has become one of the leaders in computer hardware. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, and with a European office in Munich, Germany, Gainward is recognized for its superior graphics cards and value-added offerings. Since its inception, Gainward has continuously pushed the boundaries of the graphics card market. Its cutting-edge graphics capabilities have caught the attention of gaming enthusiasts and professionals alike.

1984 – today

Gainward Logo

The stylized letter “G” in a circle represents more than just the word “Gainward.” It reflects various concepts, including globality, harmony, and integrity. This symbol is also associated with graphics and gaming, the core businesses of graphics card manufacturers. Next to it is the name of the company. The letters on the edges appear larger than in the middle. This effect is used to make the logo dynamic. The gray color creates a conservative and stable image of the brand, while the silver gradient is associated with high technology.

The gray and silver colors are reminiscent of the sleek body of a cool sports car, where everything speaks of performance and style. The larger letters on the ends give the feeling of the word whizzing by, similar to the way the company’s graphics cards make games run ultra-fast. That letter “G” is like a planet, a world where everything Gainward does comes together. It’s not just a letter; it’s an entire world of gaming and graphics brought together in a single circle.

Gainward color codes

Light GrayHex color:#d3d4d4
RGB:211 212 212
CMYK:0 0 0 17
Pantone:PMS 427 C
BlackHex color:#010101
RGB:1 1 1
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C