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The Garnier logo combines two opposing characteristics: sophistication and simplicity. The designers specifically depicted a leaf fragment with all the details because they wanted to draw parallels between plant cells and human skin cells, which also need moisture and nutrition. The emblem represents the “circle of life,” and the large “G” in the center has already become Garnier’s signature.

Garnier: Brand overview

Founded: 1904
Founder: Alfred Amour Garnier
Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, France
Garnier is a French cosmetic brand that produces hair and skincare products. Works since 1904. Founded by businessman Alfred Amour Garnier.

Meaning and history

Garnier Logo History

The logo of a famous cosmetic brand from France is over 115 years old. All this time, he accurately reflects her occupation, lucidly representing in all areas – from consumer to marketing. The logo design is clean, open, welcoming, emphasizing the desire for beauty and health. At this time, he has five emblems and several of their variations.

What is Garnier?

Garnier is a division of the global cosmetic conglomerate L’Oreal. It is a French brand specializing in producing health and beauty products. It was founded in 1904 and named after its founder, Alfred Amour Garnier, who started the business with the invention of a hair product based on plant components. Since the 1980s, the company has been widely using natural extracts of herbs and fruits.

1884 – 1904

Garnier Logo 1884-1904

The first logo was shaped like an oval medallion. In the center was a mower in a meadow. He was mowing the grass against the backdrop of several tall trees. In general, the composition resembled an old engraving made from prints by printing. It was surrounded by a wide strip containing several inscriptions: at the top was the phrase “J’ai seme et je moissonne.” This is a slogan in French. Below, separated by two lateral dots, was the name of the company – “Garnier.” Bold serif type was used for the text. Along the edge, the emblem was surrounded by a double thin border: the inner line was slightly wider than the outer one.

1904 – 1996

Garnier Logo 1904-1996

The original logo contains a lot of words. Due to the abundance of letters, the inscription is difficult to read. The words are piled on top of each other: in the middle – Garnier, above him – Laboratory, to the right – Paris. They are in thin lowercase letters.

1996 – 2002

Garnier Logo 1996-2002

This year’s version acquired a customized font that was used in subsequent logos. But the word Paris was still illegible, as it was written in too small letters.

2002 – 2009

Garnier Logo 2002-2009

The company left only the brand name on the branding. The developers increased the font to make the word Garnier stand out clearly. Next to it (top left) were three multi-colored circles: green, yellow, and pink. Each of them had an individual pattern.

2009 – 2021

Garnier Logo 2009-2021

The cosmetic brand emblem has been changed again. In this version, the designers removed two circles, shifted and enlarged the third, and changed the letters from gray to dark olive.

The development of the identity of the French cosmetics brand moved from standard to original. Therefore, at the beginning of its career, the company had a classic logo, such as are commonly used in this industry, to look good on both narrow tubes and wide cans. At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, large dots of different colors appeared next to the word “Garnier”: green, yellow, pink. They presented the ingredients of the cosmetics and emphasized its naturalness. A point remains in the modern version – only one, but very large, turned into a circle. The designers shifted it to the right and made the background for the first two letters of the brand name – “G” and “A.” The veins of a green leaf are visible on it.

Garnier Symbol

For the logo, the developers chose a typeface that most closely resembles two fonts at once – Univers and Helvetica. If you look closely, you will notice: the icon represents their combination with personal symbols. For example, “G” and “E” speak about individual design, which in shape are an exact copy of each other, but upside down.

Garnier’sGarnier’s emblem’s signature palette includes three shades of green: # 407E06 – avocado, # 042B19 – acid green, # BCCF11 – dark green.

2021 – today

Garnier Logo 2021-present

The designers have worked on the color, texture of the sheet, and typeface. As a result, the green palette was shifted to the light spectrum, the veins in the circle became much more distinct, and the letters got an elongated shape, although they were retained in the same font. In addition, the developers removed half of the “A” from the circle, leaving a single “G” in the center of the sheet.

Font and Colors

Garnier Emblem

The modified version uses the typeface Helvetica Now, a pure Swiss classic font adapted to modern designs. The symbols are now elongated, so they look taller than in previous logos. The green color has become slightly lighter.

Garnier color codes

Avocado Hex color: #407e06
RGB: 64 126 6
CMYK: 49 0 95 51
Pantone: PMS 2278 C
Acid Green Hex color: #bccf11
RGB: 188 207 17
CMYK: 9 0 92 19
Pantone: PMS 583 C
Dark Green Hex color: #042b19
RGB: 4 43 25
CMYK: 9 0 42 83
Pantone: PMS 5463 C