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The Gartner logo is light and minimalist, focused on the brand and its concept. The main feature of the logo is excellent readability. It looks confident and serious and conveys a sense of reliability in providing services. The strict style of the emblem indicates that the company takes its work seriously.

Gartner: Brand overview

Founder:Gideon Gartner
Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.
Gartner is an American research and consulting company in the field of information technology. It specializes in process analysis, providing individual and group consultations based on research results. The company was founded in 1979 by businessman, analyst, and educator Gideon Isaiah Gartner. The headquarters are located in Stamford, Connecticut.

Meaning and History

Gartner Logo History

Gideon Isaiah Gartner began his career at System Development Corporation and IBM, later founding a company focused on researching the security of high-tech operations. His first company, called Computer Decisions, suffered losses due to the recession in the latter half of the 20th century. In 1979, he and David L. Stein created the Gartner Group to track processes in the computer industry.

Later, the company’s name was shortened to a single word, which represented its main founder. The Gartner logo has always had a strict style, emphasizing the seriousness of the company’s work and its business approach. The uniform color palette also represents this: dark blue symbolizes confidence, strength, loyalty, intellect, and success.

What is Gartner?

Gartner is an American company that operates in the analytics and consulting sector. Its core services include information technology analysis and consulting on various issues. It was founded by Gideon Gartner in 1979 and has grown into a professional center that collaborates with major companies and government agencies in the United States. The head office is located in Stamford, Connecticut.

1979 – today

Gartner Logo

The emblem is text-based, so particular attention is paid to fonts and the style of the inscription. The simple and concise design characterizes the company as highly responsible and business-oriented, not distracted by external factors. Its key priority is the professional execution of entrusted work with maximum efficiency. The visual identity reflects the principles the company adheres to, its basic concept, and security.

The inscription is made with a smooth, sans-serif font. The letters are even, printed, and bold. They are all lowercase except for the first one. This design once again confirms the seriousness of Gartner’s business direction and its high concentration on work processes. In addition, the chosen style allows for clear display on screens of any size without glyph distortion.

Font and Colors

Gartner Emblem

For the Gartner logo, a simple and understandable font with a minimum of non-standard elements (e.g., a “t” with a half bar) was chosen. It resembles the Egon Sans Bold typeface from TipografiaRamis with slight glyph modifications. Smooth and even letters on a free background indicate the company’s openness. The color palette also conveys this: blue represents success, intellect, and confidence.

Gartner Symbol

Gartner color codes

Space CadetHex color:#182955
RGB:24 41 85
CMYK:72 52 0 67
Pantone:PMS 655 C