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The Gates logo has an abstract design and in no way indicates that the company is related to the technology industry. But it has hidden energy, symbolizing the desire for innovation and development. It’s also the embodiment of a smoothly-running machine.

Gates: Brand overview

Denver, Colorado, U.S.
Gates manufactures belt drive components and devices designed to drive various machinery using hydraulic power. In addition, it offers several related products, including auxiliary hoses for service stations, thermostats, covers, cooling system accessories, and vacuum components. All products are made from the latest materials using advanced technologies.

Meaning and History

Gates Symbol

Gates Corporation’s success is based on a century of experience since it was founded in 1911. Its history began when Charles C. Gates became the owner of a rubber and tire manufacturing company in Denver. To develop the business, he opened a store in the same locality and began to develop revolutionary products. As a result, he managed to invent something that did not exist before a trapezoidal drive belt.

By that time, the company, originally known as the Colorado Tire and Leather Company, had changed its name to the International Rubber Company. This was due to the decision of the manufacturer to abandon the skin and use another material instead – rubber. The next rebranding was carried out in 1919 when the organization became known as the Gates Rubber Company in honor of its founder. And in 2003, it became The Gates Corporation because it significantly expanded the number of sub-brands and product ranges.

What is Gates?

Gates is an American corporation that manufactures drive belts and hydraulic drives. Its products are used in agricultural, freight, construction, and passenger transport. It also finds application in household appliances, heavy industrial equipment, and many other types of equipment.

Now the abbreviated version of the name is more popular – simply Gates. This word was reflected in the logo, which has not changed for a long time and is still used in the digital space, building facades, advertising materials, and official documentation. The inscription is placed in an empty white oval with a black outline – or rather, in a vertically located ellipse.

The designers chose a right-slanted handwritten font for the company name. All letters are interconnected, with the last “s” additionally merging with the oval frame. The initial “g” is larger than the rest of the glyphs, although it is also lowercase. The developers slightly raised it and turned it diagonally, which caused the lower loop of the letter to go beyond the outer contour of the logo. Perhaps this arrangement was needed to fit “g” inside the ellipse with maximum space savings.

The oval circled around the Gates name symbolizes the integrity and consistency of the corporation because it owns a huge number of brands and produces a wide range of products. The black stripe represents drive belts, hoses, hydraulic pipes, and other branded merchandise. All logo elements are inextricably linked and depend on each other, as well as a complex of devices in a hydraulic drive.

Font and Colors

Gates Emblem

The authors of the Gates logo used one of the types of handwritten font for the inscription. It is noteworthy that the first letter “g” is located in lowercase and looks atypical due to the loop replacing the round part. The “s” has no intra-letter gaps. All glyphs are interconnected and have a slight slope to the right.

The classic black and white color scheme create visual balance. This is important because the logo is already overloaded with details: the designers chose a complex font with an increased “g.” They complimented it with an oval frame ring.

Gates color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C