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Getting rid of aggression, tension and anger represent the Gears of War logo. The emblem conveys the sharpness of the plot and the sinister and warlike atmosphere inside the game. “Face your fears! Fight, win or die!” – this is the motto of the symbol.

Gears of War: Brand overview

Founded:November 7, 2006
Founder:Epic Games
United States
Gears of War is an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter. It is developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Its release date is October 2006. The game was first introduced for Xbox, then for Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android. Today it has several awards and storylines, unfolding three difficulty levels: Insane, Hardcore, Casual, which open sequentially. The game is played in a four-by-four mode, with users divided into two teams. Battles are held in Ranked mode or Player mode.

Meaning and History

Gears of War Logo History

According to the plot, the battles are centered on a planet called Sera, where people were drawn into a war with monsters – the reptilian race Locust Horde. The main character is Marcus Fenix, who leads a small squad. The key task of the players is the competent use of cover and the accurate calculation of tactics. To do this, it is proposed to join the main character in co-op mode or fight in a multiplayer format.

The logo came out simultaneously with the launch of Gears of War. It completely reflects the inner state of a video game – mystery, danger, gloom. Its main goal is the immersion in unpredictable situations, a spirit of struggle, and active strategic planning. Moreover, each version of the shooter is accompanied by a separate logo that corresponds to the content. There are four options in total – by the number of issues.

What are Gears of War?

Gears of War are strategy computer games that focus on team tactics. By genre, these are third-person shooters. Microsoft owns the franchise, and the series has been developed by the Canadian studio The Coalition since 2013.


Gears of War Logo 2006

The debut emblem consists of a crimson human skull in gear. The style of painting is frightening. The eye sockets are uneven; the sinuses are in the form of elongated slits. The head is located in the center of the white circle, so it looks impressive and catchy. It is surrounded by a gear with protrusions of different heights – as if it had worn out from constant load. Black dots, stripes, shadows emphasize this impression. On the left, there is an inscription – the name of the video game. It is made with geometric symbols of a strict configuration, like a stencil. The letters are covered with white longitudinal lines that emphasize the metallic texture of the signs.


Gears of War Logo 2008

The developers added even more intimidation to the previous design: they darkened the upper left part and added two streams of blood flowing down from the gear. Among the changes are also a large number “2” at the end of the name and white letters covered with black dots of dirt.


Gears of War Logo 2011

The third version of the shooter was accompanied by a more modest logo – without a skull, gear, blood. The image contains only text – “Gears of War” with a red number “3”. The name is written in one line in black stencil-type characters.


Gears of War Logo 2016

The latest version of the game is framed with a familiar icon, but not on a dark, but a light background. The designers have added volume to the gear with shadows at the top and bottom teeth, making it look like a 3D element. The letters are metallic gray as if covered with ash.

Gears of War: Interesting Facts

“Gears of War” is a popular video game series first made by Epic Games and later by The Coalition, with Xbox Game Studios overseeing it. It’s known for exciting action, a gripping story, and new play methods, making it a key part of Xbox’s game offerings.

  1. Start and Impact: The first game came out in 2006 on the Xbox 360, amazing everyone with its graphics and gameplay. It introduced a new way to use cover in games, letting players hide from enemy fire.
  2. Cover System: This game made hiding behind obstacles to avoid shots a common feature.
  3. Chainsaw Bayonet: The Lancer Assault Rifle, with its chainsaw for close fights, became one of the game’s most memorable weapons.
  4. Playing Together: The game was designed for two people to play together right from the start, making teamwork a big part of its charm.
  5. Active Reload System: It introduced a way to reload your weapon faster with a well-timed button press, adding more skill to the game.
  6. A Bigger World: The story of “Gears of War” grew with books and comics, diving deeper into the world and its characters.
  7. Movie Efforts: Since 2007, attempts have been made to make a “Gears of War” movie, aiming to capture its action and story on film.
  8. Multiplayer and Esports: It’s known for its online multiplayer games and has participated in esports competitions worldwide.
  9. Influences: Its creators were inspired by movies and media like “Band of Brothers” and “Resident Evil,” affecting its style and horror elements.
  10. New Developers: The Coalition took over development after the third game, continuing to expand the series with new games.

“Gears of War” stands out for its deep story, innovative gameplay, and influence on action games, keeping players engaged for years.

Font and Colors

Gears of War Emblem

The Gears of War logo’s formidable style is sustained from the very first to the last version. The theme of bloody battles, grinding, and warlike battles are reflected in the skull, bloody cogwheel, crimson streaks, and stencil inscriptions. The letters in the shooter’s name represent the metal that has gone through the crucible of war – they are scratched, then covered with mud, then powdered with ash. Each version is numbered except for the first.

Gears of War Symbol

For the game, the authors chose a typeface reminiscent of the GCF Locust Resistance. These are strict, geometrically verified letters – grotesque, even, sharpened, and chopped. Also, they are wide, squat, and are in the upper register. The “G” has a sharp end pointing inward. The colors are traditionally military: black, ash, metallic, off-white, red, and its purple hue.


What does the Gears of War symbol mean?

The symbol, known as the Crimson Omen, is a gear with a skull in the center, spray-painted in red on structures in the game.

In gameplay, the Crimson Omen shows that a collectible is nearby. Players who see this symbol can find hidden items or secrets, adding an element of exploration and rewarding attention to detail.

The Crimson Omen marks COG (Coalition of Ordered Governments) controlled territory in the story. It signifies areas under COG control, establishing their presence in the game’s narrative.

What is the gear symbol of war?

The Crimson Omen is a key symbol in Gears of War. It features a red skull surrounded by a red cog and appears on the cover of all games, books, and merchandise, making it iconic for the franchise.

In the game, the Crimson Omen has practical functions. It appears on the Heads-Up Display (HUD) when a player is attacked and loses health. As the player takes more damage, the symbol becomes more visible. The Crimson Omen appears fully when the player is killed, marking the character’s death. This symbol helps players understand their health status.

What does the Gears of War logo mean?

The logo features the Crimson Omen, a red skull inside a cogwheel ring. This symbol is a main icon in the Gears of War universe.

In the game, the Crimson Omen shows up when a character loses health or dies. It serves as a visual cue, adding urgency and reminding players of the dangers and consequences of combat.

The Crimson Omen represents the broader conflict in the game’s story. It signifies the losses and struggles of the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) in their battles. The red skull and cogwheel reflect the human cost of war and the relentless machinery of conflict.

What is the locust emblem in Gears of War?

The Locust Emblem, or the Locust Tag, is a collectible item in Gears of War 2 and Gears 5. It functions like the COG Tags of the Coalition of Ordered Governments and the UIR Tags of the Union of Independent Republics.

In the game universe, these tags identify members of different factions. The Locust Tag specifically identifies the Locust Horde members, the series’ main antagonists. Collecting these tags in the game gives players additional story insights and background information.

The Locust Emblem represents the presence and power of the Locust Horde. It reminds players of the ongoing conflict and the enemies they must face.

Will there be a Gears of War 6?

Gears of War 6 is reportedly in development. According to Tom Warren from The Verge, Microsoft plans to announce a new Gears of War game soon. Warren is considered a reliable source in the gaming industry, which gives fans hope that Gears of War 6 is coming.

Although the developers have not officially announced it, the transition to Unreal Engine 5 suggests significant improvements in graphics and gameplay.

Is Gears of War good?

Gears of War is a highly regarded video game series known for its great graphics, engaging gameplay, and strong plot. The series has consistently provided high-quality experiences for both casual and hardcore gamers.

The game has always impressed with its detailed environments and character designs. Each game has improved, using advanced technology to create visually stunning scenes.

The gameplay is a major highlight. The series is famous for its cover-based shooting mechanics, which have been refined in the latest parts. The controls are responsive, and the intense action makes the gameplay very satisfying.

The plot is engaging, with rich lore and well-developed characters. The story follows humanity’s struggle against powerful enemies, with themes of survival, camaraderie, and sacrifice. This adds an emotional layer to the game, making it more immersive.