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The plumbing manufacturer uses a neutral emblem that does not directly indicate its line of business. But at the same time, the Geberit logo symbolizes purity, freshness, balance, and harmony because that is the meaning behind the symmetrical elements.

Geberit: Brand overview

Founder:Caspar Melchior Gebert
The century and a half history of the Geberit Group have turned this company into a leading leader in the sanitary ware market. Its development path was very long – starting with wooden toilet tanks covered with lead and ending with modern sanitary systems. It is a pioneer in the fields of water supply and sanitation. The Swiss company produces piping elements, ceramic products for the bathroom, various fittings, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures.

Meaning and History

Geberit Symbol

The Geberit company was born in 1874, thanks to the initiative of Caspar Melchior Gebert. Three decades later, the entrepreneur began manufacturing plumbing and then transferred the promising business to his sons. At first, branded products were sold only at home – in Switzerland. But over time, the manufacturer entered the international market and therefore significantly expanded the range and was one of the first to use plastic to make pipe fittings.

The company received its current name in 1983 after another change of owners. The word “Geberit” is not accidentally consonant with the name “Gebert” because the business for a long time belonged to only one family until it was sold to the British investment firm Doughty Hanson & Co in 1995. This opened up new prospects for the plumbing manufacturer: he had money to buy competitors worldwide.

What is Geberit?

Geberit is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of sanitary products. It is a global group registered in Switzerland and managed from the head office in Rapperswil-Jona. It was founded in 1874 and became one of the first companies to produce plastic fittings for plumbing systems.

Geberit now has the status of a global group, including many foreign companies. It is recognized as a European leader and is present in various countries through its subsidiaries, including Austria, France, the USA, and Germany.

With factories on different continents, a wide sales network, and a huge number of products that are produced under the Geberit brand, the group was forced to streamline its visual identity. Therefore, its logo has not changed for a long time and has become known worldwide. It contains only two elements: a blue square and a black company name. Both parts are separated and can be used independently of each other as an icon and a word mark.

The quadrangular shape of the square symbolizes balance because this geometric figure is characterized by perfect symmetry. It is associated with stability, integrity, constancy, and unity. In architecture, the square represents a perfect closed space. Among the Indians, it is the archetype of the world order, the four cardinal points.

The geometric element of the logo is approximately equal in size to the letters. However, visually, it seems a little smaller. This ratio of proportions allowed the designers to demonstrate the company’s priority because they did not make its name small and place it inside a quadrangle. On the contrary, the inscription is enlarged and placed side by side – on the same level as the square, which shows their equal importance for Geberit.

Font and Colors

Geberit Emblem

The plumbing manufacturer used a font from the Frutiger family for the wordmark. It was created in 1976 specifically for the signs of the Paris airport. Still, it then became very popular in the typography of many world brands. It is noteworthy that this grotesque was developed by the Swiss designer Adrian Johann Frutiger. By choosing it, the company Geberit showed its patriotism because the company also originated in Switzerland.

The black lettering contrasts with the blue square. The color of the geometric figure symbolizes eternity, heaven, constancy, and stability, and in heraldry denotes good fame and honesty. In addition, it is associated with water, which is very important for a brand of sanitary systems and piping networks.

Geberit color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
French BlueHex color:#0571ba
RGB:5 113 186
CMYK:97 39 0 27
Pantone:PMS 3005 C