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The General Dynamics logo shows the seriousness of a corporation that operates in the aerospace and defense industries. It has a traditional design that is not tied to specific types of products. It is a symbol of reliability, high quality, globality, and strength.

General Dynamics: Brand overview

United States
General Dynamics is a successful American company that was founded in 1952 to manufacture airliners, interceptor aircraft, and ballistic missiles. Over time, it expanded its range of equipment, becoming a global defense and aerospace corporation. It owns a huge number of subsidiaries in more than 45 countries around the world. Some of them are engaged in developing information systems for the armed forces, including modern complexes for broadcasting signals and controlling intercontinental missiles.

Meaning and History

General Dynamics Symbol

The emergence of General Dynamics was preceded by the creation of another company – Holland Torpedo Boat. Shortly before 1900, she was bought by the American businessman Isaac Leopold Rice and renamed Electric Boat. Its main task was the design of submarines. Everything changed in 1946 when the company included the manufacturer of military and civil aircraft, Canadair. So the aviation industry came to the fore. After that, John Jay Hopkins, at the head of the company, decided that the name Electric Boat no longer suited her.

In 1952, a rebranding occurred, resulting in General Dynamics being registered. She went through several reorganizations, acquired dozens of foreign firms, and signed several contracts with the ministries of defense of different countries. Now it is one of the largest manufacturers in the aerospace and military industries, not only in the United States but throughout the world. Therefore, it is unsurprising that his logo is famous and recognizable.

What is General Dynamics?

General Dynamics is an American manufacturer of aerospace equipment, nuclear submarines, armored vehicles, destroyers, tanks, combat systems, and missile systems. The company consists of ten different enterprises and is one of the largest defense contractors in the US and in the world.

The designers presented the current brand name in the upper case. The inscription looks quite serious: it consists of visually heavy letters with many angles. Such typography fits perfectly into the general concept of General Dynamics because the company is engaged in producing and supplying various types of military equipment.

The verbal sign is not complemented by anything – it catches the eye even without decorative details, primarily because of its blue color. In addition, the glyphs are characterized by pronounced geometricity, which is especially noticeable in the triangles inside the two “A.” The unusual shape of the letters is another factor that affects the recognition of the logo. The austere and somewhat conservative style has not changed for a long time: the defense contractor has used this design option for many years.

The fact that the General Dynamics logo contains only the corporation’s name speaks of its desire not to focus on any one area of ​​​​the activity but to present itself as a global group of enterprises. After all, it produces many types of civil and military equipment, including aircraft, submarines, missile systems, and combat systems. From this point of view, a minimalistic wordmark is suitable for everything the company does.

Font and Colors

General Dynamics Emblem

The designers wanted to make the letters visually stable, so they stretched them vertically and used wide rectangular strokes. The set of individual glyphs is unparalleled. But, apparently, it was created based on a bold geometric grotesque.

The blue color of the logo is associated with both water and the sky at the same time. The fact is that General Dynamics produces both aerospace equipment and various marine systems. The selected shade is close to #003087.

General Dynamics color codes

LicoriceHex color:#1e191a
RGB:30 25 26
CMYK:0 17 13 88
Pantone:PMS 7501 C