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The style of this emblem reflects the desire for flight and high speeds, so the Genesis logo is the epitome of the concept. The automotive manufacturer has focused on the aerodynamic qualities of the machines and the optimal streamlining of the body with airflow, which is reflected in the brand logo.

Genesis: Brand overview

Founded:4 November 2015
Founder:Hyundai Motor Company
Seoul, South Korea
Genesis is a series of luxury cars offered by the Korean company Hyundai Motor Group. For the first time, this line appeared in 2004, when it was launched into mass production. But in 2015, it turned into an independent division, as luxury sedans in this category received widespread demand. As a result, in November of the same year, it officially became a separate brand, and in the fall of 2017, it presented its debut independent model with its logo on the hood and steering wheel. In 2020, the analytical agency J. D. Power named Genesis the most reliable car brand on the North American continent. Cars are developed in three locations: in the cities of Namyang (South Korea), Rüsselsheim (Germany), and Irvine (United States). And they are produced in Ulsan (South Korea).

Meaning and History

Genesis Logo History

In 2003, Hyundai conceived a conceptually new passenger car model with a modern embodiment of a rear-wheel-drive system. According to the plan, it was a progressive sports sedan. In 2007, she demonstrated the first model, which took three years to develop. Within the framework of the project, $ 500 million were spent, and 800 thousand miles traveled. Only after the tests did the parent company send the car to the North American International Auto Show.

According to Chris Hosford, Hyundai’s US spokesman, the Genesis series has gained an individual brand status for three reasons. The first is that these luxury cars have enjoyed great success for seven years. The second – in terms of sales, the sedan entered the top 3 in its segment. Third, the buyers wanted the unit to become independent.

The original Genesis Motors dealerships were Hyundai distribution centers, while the newly formed structure designed its vehicles. As a result, its SUV debuted in the winter of 2020, and an electric car in 2021. They bore the Genesis badge on the front, not the Hyundai Motor Group emblem. In general, this brand has three variants of the logo.

What is Genesis?

It is one of the car brands owned by the South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company.

2008 – 2015

Hyundai Genesis Logo 2008-2015

In the early years, the brand existed as the Hyundai Genesis. He had his symbolism based on a winged image. In the center was an angular shield with a striped background and a triple edging consisting of white and black lines. Horizontally it was crossed by a rectangle with the name of the automobile line. The word was written in light letters with sharp edges that replaced serifs.

The wings were located to the right and left of the central element. Each consisted of three wide “feathers” and a tail. Due to the correct distribution of light and shadows, they looked volumetric: the highlights were concentrated closer to the middle, and dark zones appeared at the ends of the “feathers” and under them. There was also a separately placed brand name: it was at the bottom and was an exact copy of the inscription from the center. The only difference between them was in color: one word was white, the other was black.

2015 – 2020

Genesis Motors Logo 2015-2020

After the division was officially declared a standalone Genesis Motors brand, it received a new emblem. It was a reworking of the old version. The designers narrowed the fenders to make them more compact, removed the tail section, replaced the striped background with a dotted one, and reduced edging stripes around the shield. They chose a combination of black and gray in several shades as the official palette.

2020 – today

Genesis Motors Logo 2020-present

The developers have simplified the logo, even more, turning it into a laconic sign. They flattened it by eliminating the 3D effect, split the top “feather” into two separate parts, lightened the background, and tweaked the shield, after which it got a slightly different shape. In addition, the authors added a bottom caption and changed the font to a sleek, thin, sans serif.

Genesis: Interesting Facts

Genesis, Hyundai Motor Group’s luxury car division, has made a significant mark globally since becoming its brand in 2015.

  1. Start: Genesis began as the Hyundai Genesis sedan in 2008, and its success paved the way for becoming a standalone luxury brand in 2015.
  2. First Cars and Growth: Starting with the G90 and G80 sedans, Genesis has expanded to include smaller sedans like the G70 and SUVs such as the GV80 and GV70.
  3. Design Awards: Known for “Athletic Elegance,” Genesis has won several design awards for its vehicles’ looks and luxury interiors.
  4. Performance and Tech: Genesis cars are praised for their performance, safety, and advanced technology, including driver-assistance features.
  5. Global Presence: Initially focusing on South Korea and North America, Genesis is now entering markets worldwide, achieving notable sales and recognition.
  6. Electric Future: In 2021, Genesis introduced the GV60, its first electric model, showing its commitment to sustainable and electric vehicles.
  7. Luxury Services: Genesis offers unique services like valet appointments and connected services to enhance the ownership experience.
  8. Marketing: Genesis has used Super Bowl ads and celebrity endorsements to broaden its appeal and increase brand visibility.
  9. Sports Sponsorship: The brand sponsors the Genesis Invitational golf tournament, aligning itself with luxury and sporting excellence.
  10. Rapid Success: Despite being new to the luxury market, Genesis has quickly gained recognition for quality and customer satisfaction.

Genesis represents Hyundai Motor Group’s ambitious move into the luxury market, combining great design, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on customer service to redefine luxury car standards.

Font and Colors

Genesis Emblem

The evolution of the Genesis Motors brand identity moved from voluminous and complex to flat and simple. As a result, a completely different logo appeared, in which there are three independent blocks. The first is a shield with a name and two lines extending to the right and left. The second – two wings, which include three “feathers.” The third is the bottom caption in sans-serif capital letters.

To express the concept of Genesis Motors, the designers used the Hyundai Sans Typeface as the basis, slightly changing the proportions and detailing of the signs. The goal of this change is to achieve a distinctive look, Quietly Iconic. Like the Genesis cars themselves, the look is premium but not luxurious, refined, refined, and balanced. Guided by this principle, the developers embodied the individual appearance of the new brand without losing the DNA connection with the parent company.

Genesis Symbol

The authors of the personal typeface first sharpened the corners a little, giving the letters a geometric look. So they showed the extremeness of the machines. Then they changed the proportions of the alphabet, guided by the Romanis Capitalis font, where straight characters are half the width of the rounded characters. The roll call with the ancient Roman sans-serif typefaces, as if carved from stone, set a new rhythm for the inscriptions – sophisticated and exclusive.

The color scheme of the logo is not far from the palette of the parent company. It contains all shades of gray – from light silver to dark graphite. They were used with a hidden gradient from light mid to dark edges. But this was only at the beginning. Then they were joined by monochrome, formed by combining black elements on a white background.

Genesis color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What is the Genesis car symbol?

Genesis uses the traditional symbol of car brands – two wings. They show their ability to compete with Bentley, Chrysler, Aston Martin, and other brands. A dark hexagon with the inscription GENESIS is depicted between the wings.

Is Genesis a good car brand?

Genesis has established itself well in the international market. According to experts, it surpasses Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and BMW in many ways. But this is only if we talk about modern models.

Why does Hyundai Genesis have a different logo?

Genesis cars originally carry the silver ‘H’ logo of Hyundai. Some owners are replacing it with a winged badge, which is sold separately.

Who makes the Genesis?

Hyundai is the owner of Genesis and the manufacturer of all luxury cars of this brand.