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Geo: Brand overview

Founded:August 16, 1989 – June 16, 1997
Founder:General Motors
United States
In 1989, Geo was established as a collaborative effort between General Motors (GM), Suzuki, and Isuzu. The venture was intended to tap into the burgeoning market for compact, fuel-efficient vehicles. Geo’s portfolio comprised rebranded models from Suzuki, including the Swift and Metro, and Isuzu, such as the Storm. It also offered the Geo Prizm, essentially a rebranded Toyota Corolla.

The brand’s headquarters were in the United States, while its manufacturing operations were in GM facilities in the US, Canada, and Japan. The Metro subcompact hatchback, Prizm sedan, and Tracker SUV were among Geo’s most popular models.

At the height of its success, Geo’s annual vehicle sales exceeded 300,000 units, solidifying its position as one of the leading import brands in the US. However, in 1997, almost a decade after its inception, GM terminated the Geo venture. The models still in production under the Geo brand were subsequently incorporated into the Chevrolet line.

The 1997 model year marked the end of Geo-branded vehicles, as the nameplate was discontinued. Nonetheless, the Metro, Prizm, and Tracker models continued under the Chevrolet brand until their final production years, from 2001 to 2004.

Meaning and History

Geo Logo History

What is Geo?

On August 16, 1989, General Motors (GM) unveiled the Geo marque, a strategy designed to rival the burgeoning influx of imported vehicles in the US market. Famed for its fuel-efficient and economically priced models, Geo swiftly captured the hearts of consumers seeking trustworthy and budget-friendly transport. However, Geo’s reign was fleeting, ending abruptly on June 16, 1997. In its brief lifespan, Geo significantly contributed to GM’s presence in the fiercely competitive arena of subcompact automobiles and left a lasting impact on motorists nationwide.

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Venetian RedHex color:#c00316
RGB:192 3 22
CMYK:0 98 89 25
Pantone:PMS 485 C
Medium Persian BlueHex color:#0a6496
RGB:10 100 150
CMYK:93 33 0 41
Pantone:PMS 3015 C