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Georgia Southern Eagles Logo
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Georgia Southern Eagles are fifteen teams sponsored by Georgia Southern University. Until 2014, teams were members of the Southern Conference and Trans America Athletic Conference, and now represent the Sun Belt Conference at Division I NCAA level. The sports department has changed several names in the years 1924-1941. The branch was known as the Blue Tide. Then he has given the nickname Professors because the educational institution received the status of a teacher training college. Everything changed again in 1959: the university became known as Georgia Southern College, and its teams – Eagles. This option won during the voting for the mascot.

Meaning and History

Georgia Southern Eagles Logo History
Evolution of the Georgia Southern Eagles Logo

Since students chose a new nickname for the sports program, it has been reflected in the official logo. Version 1982-2003 – This is an abstract head of an eagle of white color on the background of a blue-golden circle. From 2004 to 2009, a more detailed image of the bird was used: wings and tail were guessed in chaotic lines. The talisman clutched its clawed paws to the inscription “Georgia Southern.” The words were made in italics with serifs and placed on a parallelogram with rounded corners.

2010 brought another logo – this time with the head of an eagle. Artists borrowed it from the previous logo, expanded, enlarged, and slightly corrected. The name of the sports department, as before, is located below. Now the name is surrounded by an additional light gray frame.

1982 – 2003

Georgia Southern Eagles Logo 1982-2003

2004 – 2009

Georgia Southern Eagles Logo 2004-2009

2010 – today

Georgia Southern Eagles Logo 2010-Present

Georgia Southern Eagles Baseball

Georgia Southern Eagles emblem

Founded in 1933, the baseball team played in thirteen NCAA Tournaments, won eight SoCon Championships, and twice entered the College World Series. One of her most successful seasons occurred in 2009 when she won first place at the Southern Conference Baseball Tournament.

Georgia Southern Eagles Football

Georgia Southern Eagles symbol

Georgia Southern University introduced the football team back in 1910, but it had to take a break because of the war. The team was restored only in 1982. From that moment, a series of its successes began: it won ten victories in the Southern Conference championships, one in the Sun Belt Conference championship, and six in the NCAA FCS (I-AA) National Championships.