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The designers have created a universal Gerflor logo that fulfills two functions: it indicates the company’s name and its main product – flooring. The logo alludes to the fact that these materials are incredibly durable and reliable.

Gerflor: Brand overview

Villeurbanne, France
The Gerflor Group is a market leader in flooring, the inventor of homogeneous vinyl flooring, a supporter of sustainable building, and the owner of more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide. Finishing materials that he produces are used not only in residential buildings but also in vehicles, offices, hotels, industrial facilities, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and gyms. The latter is especially relevant for the manufacturer because it cooperates with many international sports associations and supplies its products to the organizers of major competitions such as the Davis Cup or the Olympic Games.

Meaning and History

Gerflor Symbol

Gerflor’s first invention was vinyl flooring. She released it in 1937, simultaneously with her debut in the building materials market. After ten years, its range included special coatings for sports fields, and even later – for aeronautics. In 1985, the manufacturer developed its version of self-adhesive tiles. Over time, he improved this product and reduced the amount of adhesive in the composition because modern technology allowed him to comply with sustainable building standards.

Today, Gerflor owns many innovative solutions that it implements in its brands. These include, for example, a new generation of UV-protected outdoor surfaces and anti-viral vinyl railings and floors developed as part of the fight against COVID-19. In addition, the manufacturer recently patented the Clean Corner system, which prevents floor contamination in medical facilities.

What is Gerflor?

Gerflor is a legendary French manufacturer of building materials for floors, walls, and ceilings. Under his brands, Gradus, Sportcourt, Connor Sports, Tarabus, Mipolam, and Taraflex, elastic coatings of linoleum and vinyl are produced.

The design of Gerflor products deserves special attention because the company produces building materials in a wide color palette. But its logo, on the contrary, has very restrained colors. This simple dark blue inscription is placed on a white background and occupies two lines. The first part is separated from the second by a long horizontal strip, which has the shape of an elongated rectangle.

On top, the designers placed the name of the company. It is left-aligned and consists of a combination of an uppercase “G” with lowercase “erflor.” It is noteworthy that the leg of the “l” is curved, which is why the glyph has taken the form of a hockey stick. The entire length of the word is underlined with a bold horizontal stripe. This line separates it from another label that is below and has no spaces: “theflooringroup.” The phrase is right-aligned and contains only lowercase letters.

The stripe separating the two lines in the Gerflor logo can symbolize the company’s main product – flooring. In turn, the letter “l” represents materials for finishing walls and other vertical surfaces. And its unusual shape with a curved leg hints at the elasticity of innovative coatings from linoleum and vinyl.

Font and Colors

Gerflor Emblem

The Gerflor logo has become recognizable thanks to a specific sans-serif typeface. This is a modification of another similar typeface – OC Pajaro Extra Bold. They have a lot in common, but the developers of the wordmark changed the grotesque a little by adding unusual curves – in particular, for “l.” And for the slogan, the designers used a font similar to Insignia Roman. As for the color, the inscription has only one color – dark blue (shade # 1a295e). The background is white in the main version; however, it can change depending on the visual context.

Gerflor color codes

Dark BlueHex color:#1a295e
RGB:26 41 94
CMYK:72 56 0 63
Pantone:PMS 281 C