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The Gillette logo is very masculine and reliable. Shows a thorough approach to the development of comfortable and effective shaving products. The emblem represents a company known in the world market and distinguished by the quality of its products.

Gillette: Brand overview

Founded:September 28, 1901
Founder:Procter & Gamble
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Gillette is a brand of shaving accessories and grooming products for men. It has existed since 1901 and is located in Boston, Massachusetts, founded by King Camp Gillette traveling salesman, now owned by Procter & Gamble Corporation.

Meaning and History

Gillette Logo History

The company got its emblem almost 120 years ago, so it is considered a classic. It consists of the name of the company, which is received in honor of the creator. The logo has been corrected several times to look relevant and attract the attention of modern buyers.

What is Gillette?

Gillette is a trademark of Procter & Gamble, an American multinational corporation. It is a brand for cosmetic products for men and women, including shaving accessories. Before becoming a division of P&G, Gillette was an independent company. The period of independence lasted from 1901 to 2005.

1901 – 1964

Gillette Logo 1901-1964

In the debut version, Gillette is written in lowercase, except the “G” in uppercase. “L” and “g” have design features, “t” is distinguished by an extraordinary presentation. Still, it was not a logo that strikes the first time, despite the arrow piercing the letters (it denotes the sharpness of the branded blades). The emblem is placed inside the rhombus and painted gray.

1964 – 1974

Gillette Logo 1964-1974

All elements have radically changed, except for the arrow, symbolizing the ease of sliding of razors. The letters have become larger, the lower part of the capital “G” is brought down, and the upper part is aligned with the rest of the characters. The gray color is gone – coal black has taken its place. Only the background part and the holes from the arrow that goes through the letters remained white.

1974 – 1989

Gillette Logo 1974-1989

This is a legendary period in the emblem’s history because the designers removed the arrow and the name increased. Now it is visible and perceived at first sight. The developers also added speakers, emphasizing the double “ll” and “tt”: the former are elongated and look like solid pillars, the latter is fused and rise above the adjacent “e.” This technique has never changed and remains relevant to this day. Despite the update of the logo in 1989, this version was used for a long time in some countries – until 1992.

Although the brand’s verbal designation became much more readable, it still did not give a clear idea of ​​the company’s products. Therefore, edits were needed to correct the oversight.

1989 – 2009

Gillette Logo 1989-2009

At that time, the prototype of the modern label emerged. Compared to the 1974 version, it has become much more visible and confident. The letters in the word Gillette remain in lowercase, except for the first. The space between them has disappeared, so the oblique signs are close to each other, and the “e” is linked with the previous symbols. In parallel with this version, another one was introduced – with large spacing between letters.

2009 – today

Gillette Logo 2009-present

In this year’s logo, the developers redesigned the “i”: they removed the round dot and added an asymmetrically cut square. So with a smooth and smooth cut, they emphasized the impeccable sharpness of razors. An “accidental” notch also appeared at the letter “G”: the lower right part seemed to be accidentally hit by the blade. This happens when you accidentally cut your fingertip with a well-sharpened razor. The oblique spelling and fonts remain the same.

Gillette: Interesting Facts

Gillette is a famous brand that is known for shaving and personal grooming products. It started in 1901 when King C. Gillette made the first safety razor, changing how men shave.

  1. The First Safety Razor: In 1901, Gillette introduced a safety razor that was easier and safer to use than the straight razors available at that time. This was a big change for home shaving.
  2. Disposable Blades: Gillette also developed thin, disposable blades that don’t need sharpening, making shaving more convenient.
  3. Helping Soldiers in World War I: The U.S. government asked Gillette to provide razors and blades to soldiers during World War I. This made the brand well-known and showed the importance of safety razors.
  4. Innovations in Razors: Gillette has always been creating new razors, like the first razor with two blades in 1971, the first one with a pivoting head in 1977, and the first with three blades in 1998.
  5. Global Brand: Gillette sells products in over 200 countries, showing how popular its grooming items are worldwide.
  6. More Than Razors: Gillette now makes various grooming products, including shaving cream, aftershave, deodorants, and body washes.
  7. Caring for the Environment: Gillette is working on making better products and packaging for the environment. This includes recyclable packaging and reusable razor handles.
  8. Sports Sponsorships: Gillette supports many sports events and athletes, like the NFL and FIFA World Cup, showing its commitment to precision and excellence.
  9. Gillette Stadium: The home of the New England Patriots is named Gillette Stadium, highlighting the brand’s connection to sports.
  10. Supporting Men’s Health: Gillette helps with men’s health campaigns, like Movember, to raise awareness about health issues that affect men.

Gillette’s growth from creating the first safety razor to being a leader in grooming shows its dedication to innovation and quality. By always developing new products and supporting important causes, Gillette stays a top choice for personal grooming.

Font and Colors

Gillette Emblem

The key element of the logo is text with graphic design. It demonstrates the transformation of the brand name, which began with complex shapes and reached conciseness. The inscription consists of a single word – “Gillette,” which equates the emblem to the category of advertising and informational. The letters are thick and bold. Twin “ll” is taller than “tt.” In turn, they are also unique since a common crossbar unites them. Instead of a dot above the “I,” a rectangle cut obliquely is used. The “G” has a similar cut: it is located at the bottom of the right leg and is directed inward.

The authors chose a strict typeface – chopped, grotesque Futura Extra Black Italic for the corporate symbol. This font first appeared in Linotype and was designed by Paul Renner. The color scheme harmoniously complements the sharpened letters. It is in monochrome format and consists of black characters on a white background. On product labels, the word may be colored dark blue.

Gillette color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What is the Gillette logo?

The Gillette logo, created in 2009, only features the brand name. It’s written in a bold, diagonal, sans serif typeface. In the basic version, the word is black, and the background is white.

What is the hidden message in the Gillette logo?

The top part of the “G,” the bottom “e,” and the square dot above the “i” are all cut to show the sharpness of Gillette razors. And all the other letters are shaped like razor blades, with a clear-cut shape.