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Ginetta: Brand overview

In 1958, the Walklett brothers founded Ginetta Cars in Suffolk, England. Initially, they specialized in making fiberglass bodies that could be mounted on Ford frames. The first G1 car, powered by a vintage Wolseley Hornet engine, rolled off the assembly line in 1959. This production established Ginetta’s reputation as a manufacturer of maneuverable and lightweight sports cars.

In the 1960s, the company continued to innovate in racing and road cars with models such as the G4, G12, and G15, which necessitated a move to more extensive production facilities. In the following decade, the company switched to developing fuel-efficient road cars, as evidenced by the introduction of the G21 and G31 models.

In 1981, the company changed ownership: it was acquired by the Phipps brothers, Martin and Lennard. Under the new management, the brand regained its racing reputation in the 80s and 90s. Another change in ownership occurred in 2005 when Lawrence Tomlinson, a racing driver, took over the company to expand the sports car lineup.

Two years later, in 2007, Tomlinson moved production to Leeds and introduced the G50 model to celebrate Ginetta’s 50th anniversary. This marked a revival of aspirations for racing. Under Tomlinson’s leadership, the brand continued to flourish, adding new production facilities and producing GT-class race cars such as the G40 and G55.

Today, Ginetta maintains its status as a world-renowned British company specializing in high-performance, lightweight vehicles that recall the company’s founding ethos.

Meaning and History

Ginetta Logo History

1958 – today

Ginetta Logo

The Ginetta logo is a contrast of geometric shapes. The base is a large orange circle. Inside it, there is a green stripe forming something resembling a triangle, but with one side bent inwards. This is a stylized letter “G”. In the same style, the letter “G” is depicted in the inscription located in the center of the emblem. All glyphs in the brand name are italicized and colored in black.

The orange circle and green stripe bring bright, energetic tones to the emblem, increasing its recognizability and attractiveness. The unique stylized letter “G” identifies the brand and gives it a modernist touch. The italicized black lettering of the brand name harmonizes with the geometric elements, creating a cohesive and impactful visual identity.