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Gleagle logo once adorned the vehicles of Geely Auto’s sub-brand. This emblem featured an abstract figure in the shape of a crescent moon formed by fragments of a large oval and a small circle. The design was reminiscent of a stylized human eye. Above the figure, there was a small protrusion akin to an element of a hieroglyph. Designers enhanced the image’s dimensionality by adding edges and a silvery gradient.

The crescent moon shape is immediately eye-catching and steeped in symbolism. This shape is often linked to innovation, cycles, and the passage of time—attributes that align with the company’s focus on constantly evolving technologies. The crescent moon reminiscent of the night sky implies the idea of exploration and the unknown, signaling the brand’s desire to push the boundaries of automotive technology.

The logo’s resemblance to a human eye introduces an additional layer of meaning. Eyes are often considered the windows to the soul, conveying emotions, intentions, and even the essence of one’s character. This design choice intentionally emphasizes the brand’s vision for the future of transportation. The human eye element connects the brand with its consumer base, offering a sense of intimacy and engagement and reinforcing its commitment to user-centric design and technologies.

Above the crescent, a small protrusion resembles a hieroglyphic element, adding an air of mystery and wisdom to the logo. Hieroglyphs are ancient symbols imbued with significant meaning, often tied to knowledge, history, and legacy. This element subtly conveys the brand’s rich cultural background and its deep-rooted history in engineering excellence.

To make the emblem pop, designers employed a silvery gradient that adds a futuristic sheen, enhancing its three-dimensional look. The metallic tones signify luxury and sophistication, conveying the brand’s high-quality offerings. Gleagle, therefore, not only encapsulates its approach to technology but also aims to evoke a sense of prestige.

Edges included in the design provide depth and substance, making the emblem appear robust and well-defined. This indicates the brand’s focus on quality and resilience in its products and corporate ethos.

The emblem serves as a comprehensive visual narrative, from its crescent shape signifying innovation to the eye resembling vision and the hieroglyphic elements symbolizing wisdom. The logo effectively encapsulates the brand’s values, ambitions, and promises through meticulous design choices, achieving more than mere visual allure; it becomes an intricate form of brand storytelling.

Gleagle: Brand overview

Founded: 2008 – 2015
Founder: Geely
Initiated in 2009 as a budget-friendly offshoot of Geely Automobile Holdings, Gleagle was conceived by Li Shufu, Geely’s chairman, to tap into China’s burgeoning market for economical vehicles. The brand primarily focuses on compact sedans, hatchbacks, and sport utility vehicles, with most models retailing for under 100,000 yuan or approximately $15,000.

In its infancy, Gleagle relied on older Geely frameworks for its vehicle lineup. However, more recent offerings feature shared design and technological elements with up-to-date models from Geely’s parent company. The brand has particularly resonated with Chinese first-time car buyers seeking cost-effective transportation solutions.

From its inception through 2018, Gleagle sold over a million vehicles across various models, exclusively within China. Though initially concentrating on domestic sales, there’s growing speculation that the brand is considering branching out to developing international markets.

Today, Gleagle remains a significant player in China’s affordable auto sector, benefitting from economies of scale and technological resources provided by its parent company, Geely.

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