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The Globe Telecom logo is an intricate visual display that encapsulates the company’s multifaceted operations, spanning telecommunications, money transfers, and media. Set within a cobalt circle is a friendly waving hand. At the same time, communication signals, a camera, two different types of dialogue bubbles, a play button, an envelope, and a magnifying glass are also featured. The company name sits adjacent to these elements and is set in a smooth font with predominantly rounded glyphs, the sole exception being the angular “l.”

The cobalt circle is an inviting background for a welcoming hand gesture, immediately communicating a sense of friendliness and approachability. Circles are often symbols of unity and inclusion, which align with the brand’s ethos of connecting people and services seamlessly. The hand at the center waving in a friendly manner embodies a personal touch, emphasizing customer service and human interaction.

An assortment of icons accompanies the central hand, each symbolizing a different aspect of the brand’s service offerings. Communication signals represent the core telecom services integral to connecting individuals and businesses. The camera icon signifies the media aspect, while dialogue bubbles denote communication features like chat and voice services. Globe Telecom’s role in financial transactions is highlighted by the envelope, often associated with sending and receiving messages or funds. The play button points to the brand’s entertainment services, and the magnifying glass implies the search for new technologies or services to expand its offerings.

The choice of typography provides yet another layer of meaning. The smooth and predominantly rounded glyphs convey a sense of fluidity and adaptability, crucial attributes in the ever-changing tech and telecom sector. Interestingly, the angular ‘l’ stands out as an exception in the typography, signifying that while the company is smooth and flexible, it still maintains some edges or boundaries, which can be interpreted as ethical guidelines or quality standards the company adheres to.

The logo succeeds in providing a visual representation of the brand’s comprehensive range of services. The emblem conveys the scope of services and the core values of friendliness, innovation, and adaptability. It is an all-encompassing symbol that resonates well with a broad audience, skillfully capturing the essence of a brand wearing many hats in the tech and communication sectors.

Globe Telecom: Brand overview

Founded: 1935
Founder: Asiacom Philippines, Inc.
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Established in 1935 under the name Globe Wireless Limited, the company initially set out to offer wireless long-distance communication services across the Philippines. The 1960s witnessed a significant transformation as Globe Wireless Limited amalgamated with various other telecommunication firms, leading to the inception of Globe-Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation and broadening its services.

The early 1990s were pivotal for the organization. In 1992, the name was altered to Globe Telecom to encapsulate its evolving range of services better. The same year also saw the entry of Singapore Telecom as an overseas collaborator. Twelve years later, in 2004, Globe Telecom pioneered the introduction of wireless broadband and 3G services within the Philippines, reinforcing its innovative reputation in the industry.

By 2008, the company further diversified its portfolio with the debut of GCash, a mobile money service. GCash has since morphed into a leading digital payment solution within the country. Globe Telecom continued to fortify its market presence, and in 2013, it acquired Bayan Telecommunications, solidifying its position as the second-largest telecom operator in the Philippines.

In the current scenario, Globe Telecom serves an extensive customer base exceeding 80 million individuals nationwide. While mobile, broadband, and digital services remain its core competencies, the firm has successfully ventured into adjacent sectors such as financial services, healthcare, entertainment, and more.

Meaning and History

Globe Telecom Logo History

1934 – 1965

Globe Wireless Limited Logo 1934

1965 – 1991

Globe-Mackay Logo 1965

1991 – 1998

GMCR, Inc. Logo 1991

1991 – 2007

Globe Telecom Logo 1991

1994 – 1996


1996 – 2007


2007 – 2013

Globe Telecom Logo 2007

2013 – 2021

Globe Telecom Logo 2013

2021 – today

Globe Telecom Logo

Globe Telecom color codes

Cosmic Cobalt Hex color: #29348f
RGB: 41 52 143
CMYK: 71 64 0 44
Pantone: PMS 661 C