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GMC Logo

GMC Logo

GMC is one of four divisions of the American corporation General Motors. He specializes in the production of freight vehicles, and the range includes premium models. The brand is now overtaking Cadillac in the number of luxury cars sold. Vans, vans, pickup trucks, and SUVs with AT4 and Denali trim levels are serious competitors to other luxury cars.

Meaning and History

GMC Logo History
Evolution of the GMC Logo

GMC had a predecessor, the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. It appeared in 1901, and 8 years later, it became part of General Motors and received a new name. The current brand was formed in 1911 when it was merged with the Reliance Motor Company. Then he began to use his first logo, which bears little resemblance to the modern version. The identity went through several stages of evolution until the emblem took the form of a simple red “GMC” lettering. It is one of the most recognizable brand names in the United States.

1911 – 1947

GMC Logo 1911-1947

The debut logo looks like a round stamp or rondel. Inside there is a black circle with the stylized abbreviation “GMC.” The legs of the letter “M” are long and slightly curved upward, going under the “G” and “C.” All symbols are white with an orange outline. The outer ring that frames the circle is also orange. It contains three black words with dots in between: “GENERAL,” “MOTORS,” “TRUCKS.” These letterings are in a short serif typeface and are outlined in thin white lines.

1947 – 1960

GMC Logo 1947-1960

In 1947, a logo appeared with a decorative inscription. The designers made it completely red and removed all geometric shapes. The abbreviation “GMC” is now located at the top. The stylized letter “M” merges with the horizontal line that is drawn under the “G” and “C.” A stripe separates the abbreviated brand name from the word “TRUCKS.” It is written in bold, round typeface.

1960 – 1966

GMC Logo 1960-1966

In the middle of the 20th century, the time has come for minimalism. The logo has been shortened to three letters “GMC.” The developers have made them gray and placed them inside a black rectangle. The font will be slightly flattened, which negatively affected the readability of the abbreviation.

1966 – present

GMC Logo 1966-present

The most famous GMC logo was created in 1966. It is simple red lettering with a gradient, thin black outlines, and silver-gray edging. The letters have clear geometry and are composed of lines of equal thickness. The corners at the ends are slightly rounded. This version is still used on a par with the new one.

2014 – present

GMC Logo 2014-present

In 2014, another version of the logo appeared. It differs from the previous one in the width of the lines: the vertical parts of the capital “G,” “M,” and “C” are thicker than the horizontal and diagonal ones. The colors are the same, but the shades are different, and the linear gradient is below the middle.

The GMC graphic mark is simple and versatile. It is used on a variety of vehicle models, from pickup trucks to SUVs. The emblem has the form of a three-letter inscription, which is associated with brutal practicality. She looks powerful and imposing, personifying the power of freight transport. The two versions of the logo differ only in details, such as the palette and the shape of the letters. In general terms, they are similar. The developers deliberately made them the same so as not to violate the integrity of the visual identity.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

GMC Emblem

The abbreviation font is the same as Nokianvirallinenkirjasin Regular, although the designers flattened the letters slightly in the second version. Some of the corners are rounded, and some are preserved in their original form.

GMC Symbol

The effect of “metallic” lettering is created through a well-chosen palette. The authors of the logo used a red color with a pale gradient for the name of the division and surrounded the signs with silver edging. The 2014 version is dominated by a red-pink hue (# 9B1922). This color scheme gave the brand the unofficial nickname Big Red. It is worth noting that after the iconic Chevrolet emblem became available in black, GMC also began to put dark gray versions of the logo on its cars.