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“Do you need to have lunch? asks the Gofood logo. “So you’re here.” Attentive service and fast delivery are reflected in the elements of the emblem. On the pages of the service, everything is clear, understandable, and simple. Designed, pressed the button and received fresh dishes.

Gofood: Brand overview

Jakarta, Indonesia
Gofood is a mobile app launched by the Indonesian corporation Gojek in 2015. The presented software is used for ordering food and groceries. The key advantage of the application over competitors in the market is an intuitive interface that allows you to complete an order in a matter of minutes. Today, the development of Gojek is used by hundreds of thousands of users every day.

Meaning and History

Gofood Logo History

For a short work time, this service has changed its logo only once. At the same time, both options are made in a stylish and modern style. Immediately after getting acquainted with the logo, the user planning the application will understand what exactly Gofood does. The author decided to take a red and black color palette as a basis without overloading the logo with unnecessary elements. The style in which both the name of the application and the logo of the service are made allows us to associate Gofood with a modern and progressive project, in which youth is perfectly combined with experience and the desire for development.

What is Gofood?

First of all, this application is in one of the most sought-after niches on the market. Using the program’s functionality, you can place an order from many popular establishments.

2016 – 2019

Gofood Logo 2016

The first variation of the Gofood logo was introduced in 2016. The main inscription was made in black letters using bold type. All characters in the title are in capital letters. Moreover, “Go” and “Food” are separated by the application’s logo. It is done in red. It depicts a fork and a spoon parallel to each other (placed vertically). Thus, conciseness and minimalism did not prevent the author from demonstrating what exactly the service specializes in.

2019 – today

Gofood Logo

Three years later, Gojek management decided to change the original Gofood logo. Even though the author retains both components, namely the name of the service and the emblem, globally, the logo has undergone significant changes. All letters in the title are now in lowercase. Moreover, the Gofood name is no longer separated by an emblem. It was decided to move it to the left side. The emblem looks like a red circle on which a fork and a spoon are placed in white. At the same time, we can assume that we are not talking about a circle but a plate.

Compared to the previous variation, the current version looks somewhat friendlier to the target audience. This was made possible by using lowercase letters, i.e., reducing the volume and impact on the user.

Font and Colors

Gofood Emblem

If you look at the 2019 logo, its font is as close as possible to Carmen Sans Extra Bold and Galano Grotesque Semi Bold. All characters in the title are in bold sans-serif.

Gofood Symbol

The author chose a red and black color scheme, in which the name of the Gofood service was made in black, and the emblem, which is cutlery, is depicted in red. It is with their help that users should have associations with ordering food. Different color shades for the logo elements made it possible to separate them from each other, thereby clearly indicating the promise of online food orders in today’s realities.

Gofood color codes

Imperial RedHex color:#ee2737
RGB:238 39 55
CMYK:0 84 77 7
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C