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The three-letter abbreviation of the name is the minimalist logo of Grand Canyon Antelopes, the sports program of the local university. The symbol reflects the aspiration to a new story that began after the 1990s. The emblem is a way to favorably present the brand, ensuring its recognition and informativeness.

Grand Canyon Antelopes: Brand overview

Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
Grand Canyon University is the only for-profit university participating in NCAA Division I. Its sports program is called Grand Canyon Antelopes, the abbreviated form of which is known as Lopes. Recently, the teams joined the Western Athletic Conference, with only men’s volleyball belonging to the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation and beach volleyball not listed in any conference. Until the 1990s, the institution was part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, and until 2013, it was in Division II. In 2017, the NCAA officially confirmed GCU’s transition to Division I.

Meaning and History

Grand Canyon Antelopes Logo History

The nickname Antelopes is only reflected on the old emblems of the sports department. The 2005-2012 logo fully recreated the university’s color palette: purple, white, and black. At the center of the composition is the silhouette of a running antelope, outlined by two lines. To the left is the stylized inscription “‘Lopes,” which is hard to read due to the specific font.

In 2013-2014, there was much less black. The figure of the animal conveys more dynamics, although the style of the drawing has not changed. The team’s nickname shifted downwards and acquired a new legible font. The final version of the logo was introduced in 2015. This time, designers moved away from the previous concept: they depicted not a sports mascot but the abbreviated name of Grand Canyon University. The purple letters “GCU” are arranged in the form of a mini-arch.

What is Grand Canyon Antelopes?

Grand Canyon Antelopes is the sports department of Grand Canyon University. It includes 21 teams, is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and participates in NCAA Division I as a member of the Western Athletic Conference. Since the 2017-2018 season, the volleyball team has competed in MPSF.

2005 – 2012

Grand Canyon Antelopes Logo 2005-2012

2013 – 2014

Grand Canyon Antelopes Logo 2013-2014

2015 – today

Grand Canyon Antelopes Logo 2015-Present

Grand Canyon Antelopes Basketball

Grand Canyon Antelopes emblem

When the men’s team competed in NAIA, it won three association championships. The basketball players had the opportunity to participate in the WAC tournament in 2018 after a four-year probationary period. The debut was successful – they reached the final and took first place.

Grand Canyon Antelopes Baseball

Grand Canyon Antelopes symbol

The baseball team was established in 1953 but only entered Division I in 2018. As of 2020, it has four victories in the NAIA Baseball World Series. The players’ head coach is Andy Stankiewicz.

Grand Canyon Antelopes: Interesting Facts

The Grand Canyon Antelopes are the sports teams for Grand Canyon University (GCU) in Phoenix, Arizona. They play in Division I, the top level of college sports, and are part of the Western Athletic Conference (WAC). Even though they’re pretty new to Division I, they’ve made a big splash.

  1. New to Division I: GCU moved to Division I in 2013, making it one of the newer schools at this level. They did this to make the school more known and improve student life.
  2. Used to Be For-Profit: GCU was different because it was a for-profit school when it first joined Division I. However, in 2018, it changed back to a non-profit school, like most other colleges.
  3. Basketball Success: The men’s basketball team has done well, competing for championships and making it to their first NCAA Tournament in 2021. This helped more people learn about GCU.
  4. Energetic Fans: GCU’s fans, the Havocs, are super loud and supportive, especially at basketball games. They help make the games exciting.
  5. Jerry Colangelo: He’s a big deal in sports and has helped improve GCU’s sports programs. The school even named its business school after him.
  6. Great Baseball: Their baseball team has a nice stadium and has sent players to the pros. They’re strong competitors in college baseball.
  7. Lots of Sports: GCU has teams in many sports, like soccer, softball, volleyball, and track and field. They want to give lots of athletes a chance to play.
  8. Soccer’s Getting Better: Both the men’s and women’s soccer teams have been getting more support and have a great stadium to play in. This is helping raise GCU’s sports profile.
  9. Helping the Community: GCU sports teams do a lot with local kids, like hosting sports camps. It shows they care about their community.
  10. Support for Students: GCU gives scholarships and helps its athletes do well in school, not just sports. They believe in being good students and good athletes.

The Grand Canyon Antelopes have quickly become known for their competitive teams, lively fans, and the school’s focus on making school and sports great.

Font and Colors

Grand Canyon Antelopes color codes

Purple HeartHex color:#522398
RGB:82 35 152
CMYK:46 77 0 40
Pantone:PMS 267 C